In the Surat Basin, we believe the multi-well pad and deviated drilling model developed in conjunction with our landholder forums is overwhelmingly positive for coexistence, by minimising surface impacts on the land, particularly high value agricultural land.

We made mistakes in the early implementation of that model, and we need to do better.

All 13 affected landholders have received information about the location, depth and trajectory of all deviated wells that traverse under their properties.

Entry notices will now be given as a matter of course to landholders of properties where deviated wells traverse under the property, prior to drilling.

They now form part of Arrow’s parcel of early and ongoing engagement with adjoining landholders about potential deviated wells (see process).

Arrow’s Commitments to Surat Basin Landholders document outlines not only how we will meet our regulatory compliance obligations, but the additional commitments we have made about how we will engage, about the transparent information we will provide, and about our willingness to support independent reviews and/or dispute resolutions.

We understand our success is closely tied to productive and genuine relationships with landholders and we believe this document helps articulate our long-term intentions and commitment.