Safe work is essential to having a strong business.  At Arrow, safety is our number one priority.

Here we showcase some of the ways we have demonstrated safety leadership by applying innovative thinking and technology to minimise our risks and reinforce our commitment to target zero; no harm to people and the environment.

Safe Drive App

The main cause of industry road-related fatalities is not driving to conditions.  Road hazards, the vehicle being operated, weather and time of day all contribute to fatalities.  The Safe Drive App is a tool that Arrow has developed to help manage this risk.

Key features include:

  • navigation assistance with pre-populated points of interest (such as our infrastructure)
  • voice alerts for upcoming road hazards (creek crossings, tight bends)
  • display of the current speed limit, and advice in advance of a speed limit change
  • land access conditions, and
  • weed hygiene requirements.

During a six month trial, there were zero over-speed, In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) or life-saving rule breaches for vehicles and drivers in the test group. Importantly, all drivers liked the technology and the additional alert benefits.

We are excited about the future possibilities to apply this technology across industry, including with our contractors, and heavy vehicle operations.

Safe Drive App

An integrated solution developed to assist our sta...

Safe Drive App - the results

Six months after introducing the Safe Drive App, f...

Well in a Box

Arrow challenged itself to design a better and safer way to load, restrain, unload and transport materials.

The ‘Well in a Box’ is a modified 40-foot flat rack that holds materials (well heads, drive heads, sucker rod cages and accessories) in fit-for-purpose boxes. The flat rack can be picked up by a side-loader truck (swing-lifter), enabling autonomous and safe loading and unloading.

This unique design reduces human interaction and improves personal safety risk significantly.

Personal safety

  • Reduced manual handling of equipment both at the warehouse and onsite.
  • Unused materials at site can be left on the rack and transported back to the warehouse.

Operational efficiency and cost improvement

  • Trucks traditionally take up to two hours to load. Well in a Box takes 20 minutes to load onto a truck.
  • Time saved at a rig site for loading and unloading materials is approximately three hours.
  • The autonomous load and unload capability reduces resourcing and equipment costs.

Transportation safety

  • With all items secured in fit-for-purpose cages and boxes, materials in transit do not risk falling out and potentially injuring motorists or bystanders.

There are currently 36 flat racks being utilised in Arrow's Surat Basin operational field.