Groundwater is important for agriculture and homes.

Groundwater in the Surat Basin

Coal seams contain water. Arrow pumps water from its target coal seams to lower in-seam pressure, releasing trapped gas and allowing it to flow to coal seam gas (CSG) wells.

The pumped-out water can then be cleaned and reused beneficially. We have formed a community-based Beneficial Use Network Committee to inform our decisions on the Surat Gas Project, in an area where treated coal seam water is highly valued by the agricultural industry.

CSG water production is a tightly-controlled activity. It is allowed by the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 and regulated by the Water Act 2000, which manages the impacts on underground water by the resources industry.

If you believe your groundwater has been affected by our activities, please contact us through your Land Liaison Officer, or our freecall 1800 number.

Groundwater Net

Groundwater Net is a community-based monitoring program under which landholders regularly measure groundwater levels in their private water bores. Data from landholders, government and other sources, like Arrow’s water bore monitoring program, are used to develop regular status reports tailored for each groundwater resource.

For Arrow presentations to Groundwater Net meetings see here.

For more information, visit the Queensland Government’s website.

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