Guided by the community, Arrow's approach to beneficial use of coal seam water will include providing it to existing, licensed users as a substitution for their approved allocations from the Condamine Alluvium.  Instead of drawing from the Condamine Alluvium, users will use the same amount of our treated water. This is 'substitution of allocation'.

The Arrow Beneficial Use Network Committee is a sub-committee to the Arrow Surat Community Reference Group (ASCRG), consisting of representatives that hold Condamine Alluvium groundwater allocations. This group reports quarterly on Committee progress and outcomes.

Committee members are helping Arrow to develop a scheme which meets Arrow's commitment to maximise beneficial use of coal seam water. The scheme will also offset any impact on the Condamine Alluvium in the area of greatest predicted Arrow-caused drawdown.

The sub-committee will be disbanded once the proposed scheme has been determined.