The QMEA is a partnership between the Queensland Government through its Gateway to Industry Schools Program and the Queensland Resources Council.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are part of everyday life and an increasing part of every workplace.

Government and business sectors have indicated an urgent need for a greater focus on STEM education in Australia if the country is to remain competitive.

Building STEM capacity supports innovation, productivity and competitiveness. STEM capacity drives the generation of new ideas and solutions to societal challenges and shapes new industries and companies.


professional development sessions for STEM teachers


students engaged in STEM learning events throughout Queensland


% of participants reported a positive influence on their STEM subject and career interest

The programs

My Digital World Day

Delivers a stimulating ‘My Digital World Day’ for a hundred students,to excite and engage their interest in STEM and the tertiary and career pathways that STEM subjects can offer.

Teacher professional development

Provides high-quality, much needed and requested teacher professional development to equip teachers with improved skills in teaching the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) curriculum with a dedicated focus on the new national digital technologies curriculum

Technology Festival

This full-day event engages students and staff in a robotics session and workshop.  The theme of these activities is digital technology and involves drones, autonomous systems and humanoid robots.


QMEA my digital world