You must be trained to our standards before visiting or working on an Arrow site.

Training and site access

Our HSE induction and site access requirements are outlined in the Arrow HSE Competence and Induction procedure.

As a guide, your required training may include:

  • the face-to-face one-day Industry Specific Induction (ISI)
  • online training:
    • One-hour Arrow HSE induction
    • Arrow site-specific HSE induction
  • Land access induction
  • Driving competencies.

You may need other training, depending on your role, location and work. Contact your Arrow representative (usually your contract holder) for further information or to discuss your training requirements.

For further information about the Industry Specific Induction training, visit the applicable training provider:

  1. Australian Well Control Centre (AWCC) – Servicing Service Dalby, Roma, Toowoomba and Chinchilla
    Website: Phone: 07 4638 0532
  2. Wild Geese International (WGI) – Servicing Brisbane and Gladstone.
    Website: Phone: 07 3177 9913

Arrow Travel Application

Plan your work ahead of time.  Arrow requires the following online form to be completed:

Arrow Travel Application Form

This form is required to be submitted by all individuals to gain permission to work at an Arrow operational site. This should be submitted as soon as the need to travel is known by the applicant (at least 48 hours ahead and up to 2 months ahead of time). It is required for each swing of work, or when returning to a site from outside the local area.

You will receive a confirmation email when you travel application has been successfully submitted, and when it has been approved/rejected by site.

You must also demonstrate you are competent for the work you will be undertaking – for example, that you hold the relevant licenses and tickets.

Further details on Arrow’s site requirements can be found here.

Please note: Continue to protect your colleagues from viral illness. If you are experiencing any respiratory symptoms please do not attend the Arrow workplace/site.

Online learning portal

With the exception of the Industry Specific Induction, all induction requirements are available online through Arrow's learning portal The Learning Space, which provides 24/7 access to online courses and tracks your completed learning. Specific courses available:

  • The online induction comprising two parts
    • HSE induction
    • Arrow Facility/Field site specific HSE induction
  • Land Access Induction

You will need to self-register and create a profile for The Learning Space before starting any training. Once your profile is set up, you will be taken directly to your personal homepage where you can access the courses. Your login details and links will be emailed to you for future access.

Click on the links below to:

Download the instructions for completing online training

Need help?

In the event of issues accessing the Learning Space or completing an online course, contact Arrow ICT Service Desk on +61 7 3012 4848 (press 8) for assistance.

Please note: Other technical issues must be addressed by your IT department.

If you have forgotten your password, click the link to reset your password.