Queensland’s widely-spaced rural and remote communities do not have the same level of medical support as its cities, leaving their people with the choice of travelling hundreds of kilometres for specialist care or missing out. Their death rates from treatable conditions can be multiples of times higher than their city-living counterparts.

Arrow joined as foundation partner to create Australia’s first mobile cardiology and respiratory clinic to address this state of affairs.

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Celebrating 10 years of saving lives.

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The projects

Heart of Australia brings specialist medical services to rural communities aboard three, customised, clinics-on-wheels trucks.

Heart 1

Heart of Australia’s first, 18-wheel semi-trailer mobile clinic was launched in October 2014 after six years of planning and construction. Its initial 8000km route provided monthly visits to 13 bush communities in southwest and central Queensland.

Heart 2

A second, even bigger semi-trailer mobile clinic saw its first patient in Dalby in September 2018.  The second truck allowed Heart of Australia to add more towns to its route.


Heart 3

A smaller mobile medical clinic affectionately referred to as the “Baby Truck”, it condenses consulting rooms and state-of-the-art equipment into a 12-metre long mobile clinic.  HEART 3 is Heart of Australia’s overflow clinic, assisting the other two trucks when needed.


Heart 4

In 2019, Heart of Australia gained a three-year, $12 million funding commitment from the federal government.  With this support, HEART 4 has hit the road, launched for service in May 2020. A new prime mover and B-Double configuration, the addition of this truck has enabled six new towns to be serviced throughout regional Queensland.