Arrow is working to meet the growing international demand for cleaner burning fuels.

Arrow is exploring approximately 41,500km2 of coal seam gas (CSG) exploration tenements throughout Queensland. We have access to an estimated contingent CSG resource of around 70,000PJ across our acreage. Our strategy is to secure higher margin sales for our increasing gas production through downstream projects.

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Arrow has a sizeable domestic gas business which has been delivering cleaner energy to industry and households since 2004.

We provide approximately 20 per cent of Queensland's gas supply from our five producing CSG fields in the Surat Basin in south-east Queensland, and the Bowen Basin in central Queensland. Currently, we feed most of our gas through the Daandine, Townsville and Braemar 2 power stations and off take the electricity for sale into the grid. The Moranbah Gas Project, one of the largest gas fields in Australia, also supplies gas to the Moranbah Power Station, as well as mineral refining facilities in north Queensland. Arrow is committed to maintaining supply to these domestic customers.

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Looking ahead, the company has plans to connect its vast domestic resource with high value overseas markets.

Page last updated: 19 March 2015