Bowen development

Arrow’s proposed Bowen development comprises the Bowen Gas Project and the Arrow Bowen Pipeline.

The Bowen Gas Project (BGP) involves a phased expansion of Arrow’s CSG production in the Bowen Basin, and includes infrastructure for extracting and compressing gas, and for treating water produced from CSG extraction.

The BGP project area runs from north of Moranbah to Glenden for its first phase, then extending south of Moranbah.  The project lies near the Moranbah Gas Project, owned jointly by Arrow (operator) and AGL Energy.

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the BGP was approved by the State and Federal governments.  Access the BGP EIS here.

The proposed Arrow Bowen Pipeline (ABP) is a buried high-pressure steel pipeline to bring coal seam gas from the Bowen Basin to a gas hub 22km north west of Gladstone.

The pipeline's EIS was approved by the Queensland Government in March 2013. The pipeline received Federal Government environmental approval on 8 October 2014. Access the ABP EIS here.

The BGP and ABP entered front-end engineering design (FEED) in late 2014 and was successfully completed at the end of 2015.

Arrow experienced production challenges in the Bowen Basin in 2016. Further technical work is being undertaken to improve production from parts of the Bowen Basin that contain deeper and tighter coals than the Surat Basin.

This work has currently resulted in a delay to Arrow’s Bowen development. Until this current work is completed, impacts on project schedule are not yet known.

In the meantime, Arrow has continued to progress its project planning, which has included applying to the Queensland Government for a petroleum pipeline licence (PPL) and an Environmental Authority (EA) for the Arrow Bowen Pipeline.

The PPL application was granted, effective April 2017, and the EA was granted in November 2016.

The EA for the first phase of the BGP was granted in 2015 and amended later that year.

In October 2018 the Species Impact Management Plan (SIMP) and the Offset Strategy for Phase 1 (OS) was approved by the Federal Government.