SAP Ariba

In January 2022, Arrow commenced use of the SAP Ariba system for contract and procurement management.

Suppliers to Arrow can access a custom SAP Ariba Arrow Supplier Information Portal (SIP) to find information on the new processes related to Ariba, as well as guides on how to transact in the Ariba system. Suppliers can also access this portal when they are in their Ariba Network Account as well.

Arrow Supplier Information Portal

For Ariba related queries or concerns please contact the Ariba Helpdesk by calling +61 7 3012 5162 or +61 7 3012 5165.

General enquiries:

SAP Ariba Process Diagram

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is ARROW ENERGY moving to the SAP Business Network (Ariba)?

As our valued supplier you are important to us as we are commit to simplify and digitize the way we work together. We understand that it is important for our suppliers to have a simple, transparent and fast way to manage purchase orders, send invoices and to receive payment. In order to realise this and to improve the experience for our suppliers, we are partnering with the SAP Ariba Network to introduce an end-to-end digital procurement system that enables paperless transactions and removes process complexity.

Our vision is to have industry-leading, digital capabilities that drive collaboration between ARROW ENERGY and our valued suppliers. In order to achieve this, we are requesting that all ARROW ENERGY Suppliers register on the SAP Business Network (Ariba) to streamline how we do business in the future. By leveraging systems and technology, we can improve productivity and create long-term shared value together.

What are the benefits of moving to the SAP Business Network (Ariba)?
  • Secure, end-to-end touchless payment processes
  • Real-time tracking of Purchase Orders and invoice status
  • Improved reporting capability and insights
  • Increased visibility and transparency of transactions
  • Faster, earlier payments
What is changing regarding how suppliers work with ARROW ENERGY?

ARROW ENERGY is transitioning to SAP Business Network (Ariba) to deliver an automated procurement system that enables paperless transactions and removes process complexity. We are requesting all our suppliers to register an account to continue to transact with ARROW ENERGY.

What this means to you:

Future procurement and accounts payable transactions with ARROW ENERGY will be conducted through the SAP Business Network (Ariba). This system will bring about different levels of functionality such as real-time purchase order (PO) delivery, use of online catalogues, and invoice automation. As a ARROW ENERGY supplier, you will also have access to transact via similar functionalities.

Will this be the preferred method to transact with ARROW ENERGY in the future? Is it required for all suppliers to make this change?

Yes. As a requirement of doing business with us all suppliers* engaging with ARROW ENERGY will be onboarded to the SAP Business Network (Ariba), as part of their registration. By leveraging integrated systems and technology, we can improve productivity and create long-term shared value together**.

*Exclusions: Regulatory, legal, utilities, donation and employee benefits; Geography / functional area.

**Please note: Some countries will not have all functionality available on SAP Ariba based on regional requirements and restrictions; an example being suppliers in certain countries may not be able to send invoices back to ARROW ENERGY through SAP Business Network (Ariba). Further details will be shared in a country-specific resources accessed through the  ARROW ENERGY Supplier Information Portal (English)

Will ARROW ENERGY cover the fees attributed to suppliers on Enterprise accounts?

Yes.  ARROW ENERGY is covering all transactions costs related to their transactions However if Suppliers transacts with other buyers, they are responsible for those transaction costs.

What if we don’t want to transition to the SAP Business Network (Ariba)?

ARROW ENERGY is committed to the success of this initiative and is working hard to make the transition as seamless for suppliers as possible. Suppliers that are asked to participate are considered strategic on the ongoing business of ARROW ENERGY and are expected to comply with this process change as a requirement for continuing relationship. There is no fee associated with this change.

SAP Business Network (Ariba) previously known as SAP Ariba is a Procurement software solution. It offers a broad range of functions and services to manage business transactions in an easy and comfortable way. It supports a way to interact with ARROW ENERGY in a paperless environment.

SAP Business Network (Ariba) has two components.

  • SAP Business Network: This is the solution you use for transacting. There is an Enterprise (fee based) account and Standard (fee free) account.
What is the difference between a Standard and Enterprise Ariba Network Account? Are suppliers required to register for a particular type of account?

Suppliers that participate are considered strategic to ongoing business with ARROW ENERGY. Suppliers will need to engage with this process change, as a requirement for continued partnership.

Standard and Enterprise Ariba Network

ARROW ENERGY recommends some suppliers use the fee-based Enterprise account due to their historical volume and types of transactions, however these suppliers may opt to decline the recommendation and instead register a free Standard account if this account type better meets their needs. Suppliers opt for a free Standard account have the option to upgrade to an Enterprise account at any time.

To learn more about fees, please visit the SAP Business Network Subscriptions and Pricing link.

Can I have multiple SAP Business Network (Ariba) accounts for different clients?

Yes. You can have different accounts for different clients, or you can consolidate different clients under one account. Please contact SAP Business Network (Ariba) for further guidance as consolidating Standard and Enterprise accounts will impact fees.

What documents are created on SAP Business Network (Ariba)?
  • Receive Purchase Orders
  • Send Order Confirmations
  • Create and send SES (Service Entry Sheet) claims
  • Create and send invoices**
  • Receive ERS invoices
  • Receive Payment proposal and remittance advice
Can I create catalogues?

ARROW ENERGY do support catalogues (In future)

What infrastructure do I need to use the SAP Business Network (Ariba)?

A regular internet connection, email and a web browser are the only requirements. A SAP Business Network (Ariba) Supplier App is also available from Google Play or the Apple Store for access to an account from a smartphone or tablet device.

How can I access my SAP Business Network (Ariba) Standard Account?

You will be able to register and access your Standard Account from the Interactive Email containing the original PO from ARROW ENERGY. After the initial registration, you can access your account via the Web portal – You can also download an app from Google Play or Apple Store for access to your account from your smartphone or tablet device.

Where can I view the ARROW ENERGY business rules that are applied on my Ariba account?

Please follow the below steps:

  • Click on “Company settings”
  • Select “Customer Relationships”
  • Under Customer Relationships tab, go to “Current” section and click on “ARROW ENERGY Group Operations”
  • In the new page, you should be able to view sets of rules, such as Order Confirmation and Ship Notice
  • Rules, Service Sheets Rules etc.
Can I remove my company from participation in the SAP Business Network (Ariba)?

ARROW ENERGY is committed to this initiative and is working hard to make the transition as seamless for suppliers as possible. One of ARROW ENERGY’s main goals is to fulfil the vision towards providing an end-to-end automated system that will enable paperless transactions and remove process complexity.

SAP Business Network (Ariba) enables you to collaborate with ARROW ENERGY more effectively across order-to-cash processes using either an Ariba Enterprise Account (fee applied) or an Ariba Standard Account (no fee applied).

If you wish to discuss this further then please contact your key Procurement contact at ARROW ENERGY.

Do I need a new account if I already use SAP Business Network (Ariba)?

No. You can use your existing SAP Business Network (Ariba) account credentials with your wider customer base, including ARROW ENERGY.

How should I process existing invoices and purchase orders after the go-live date?
  • New purchase orders received in SAP Business Network (Ariba) must be invoiced to ARROW ENERGY using SAP Business Network (Ariba)*
  • Existing purchase orders will be  processed and completed outside the SAP Business Network
Managing Users in the account

In SAP Business Network (Ariba), the login details used to create the account are called the ADMINISTRATOR login. The Administrator can add other users to the account, and route documents to be sent to other email addresses for action. Refer to the Ariba Network Administration Guide for more details.

To create Users, see Finalising account profile details

When is my transition complete?

You will be advised with a GoLive Notification that you have transitioned to Ariba. Your account is active immediately and all previous purchase orders with remaining value will be visible. Go to your account and simply filter on the sender in your dashboard to see the ARROW ENERGY purchase orders.

Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) Invoicing

Many ARROW ENERGY suppliers have agreed for Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) where ARROW ENERGY will create an invoice based on the approved SES or the approved Goods Receipt. Suppliers who have agreed to this process DO NOT create manual invoices for some or all the ARROW ENERGY assets they supply currently.

In Ariba, this process does not change. You will NOT create invoices if the PO has been issued from an asset with whom you have an ERS agreement. You will see the Create Invoice tab greyed out. For these Purchase Orders you only need to complete a goods ship notice or a Service Entry Sheet.

ARROW ENERGY will create an invoice and send a copy to your Ariba account with the scheduled payment details.

Selecting the Administrator & managing users

In SAP Business Network (Ariba), the login details used to create the account are called the ADMINISTRATOR login. The Administrator can add other users to the account, and route documents to be sent to other email addresses for action. Refer to the Ariba Network Administration Guide for more details.

To create Users, refer to guide Finalising account profile details below.

Finalising account profile details

Complete the company profile by selecting Homepage then clicking on the Company Settings (top right hand side)


  • Select Company Profile from the dropdown menu  and click on Business Scroll down to Tax Information
  • Complete the TAX ID and VAT ID fields.
  • For Australian vendors in the VAT ID field use your ABN number with the prefix ‘AU’as per below example.
  • Click on Save and close to return to the Homepage.

Tax Information


Homepage-> Click on your initials icon on the top bar and in the dropdown select Settings -> Click on Users.  The Accounts Settings screen is displayed

  • Scroll to Role -> Create Role.
  • Provide a Name for the Role such as Sales Team.
  • Under Permissions tick the permission that allows this team to review and confirm orders. This will allow a User assigned this role to respond to any requests for confirm orders from ARROW ENERGY. Now click on Save.

Create Role


  • Return to Company Settings. Click on Users and scroll to Manage Users.
  • Click on Create User and enter the persons Username and Email Address,First Name and Last Name.
  • In Role Assignment select the Role Name you created earlier Click Done.
  • Repeat this process for all people (max. of 5) who you want to be assigned this new role.
Activate GRN-Flip feature

Refer to Consent to Auto Invoice against Goods Receipt (GRN Flip)

Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) Invoicing

Refer to  Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) Invoicing

When is my transition complete?

With a Standard Account although we may advise with a GoLive Notification that you have transitioned to SAP Business Network (Ariba), this is not complete until you receive an Interactive Electronic Purchase Order IEPO. This could take a few days or several weeks depending on how often you receive purchase orders from ARROW ENERGY.

Create an email folder for IEPO?

The Standard account can only process transactions from the Process Order button on the Interactive Electronic Purchase Order IEP.  You should create an email folder, to store and manage your interactive email purchase orders.

How will I receive my first Purchase Order?

If you have signed up for a Standard Account then your first ARROW ENERGY purchase order will be sent to you in an Interactive Electronic Purchase Order IEPO to the email account registered for your ARROW ENERGY orders

  • Make sure you are not logged in to Ariba
  • Click the “Process Order” button on the email
  • :A page for SAP Business Network (Ariba) will open page and provide options depending on whether you have
    1. Existing Account? If so log in with the username and password used to create that account
    2. New Account? Create a new account. The Username and password will be the Administrator for this account.
What happens if I have misplaced the interactive email?
  • The initial IEPO sent by ARROW ENERGY goes to the email address we use on all orders. If you have not received the initial IEPO from ARROW ENERGY, AND you had active Purchase orders before your transition then:
  • Subsequent IEPO sent by ARROW ENERGY will continue to be sent to the registered email address used by ARROW ENERGY for your company. You can retrieve them by following these steps:
    • Log in to your account.
    • Select the Orders tile.  Click on the tile and in the Workbench select Edit Filter. Update the date range to 365 days and Save.
    • Now review the listed order to find those you are missing and from the Actions column select Send me a Copy.
    • Use the email Process Order button to create other documents.

Enterprise Account

Why do POs only show VAT and not GST or Sales Tax?

ARROW ENERGY has always sent a Tax Category of VAT to all regions regardless of what the local tax is called. However, the rate sent varies according to the government required rate of tax to be charged on purchases. Should you change this rate , unless you are a listed Petroleum supplier, your invoice will be rejected.

Who do I if my PO details are incorrect?

You must contact the Purchasing Agent shown on the Purchase Order to ask for any changes that are not available through the confirmation process back to ARROW ENERGY.

What do I do if my invoice is rejected?

Review the error, edit/make necessary changes and resubmit. The process is outlined in the guides which are available on the Supplier Information Portal (SIP). If further assistance is required, please contact the Arrow Energy  Support team. Please refer to “Additional Support” section at the end of this FAQs for contacts.

Documents’ status showed “Acknowledged” then “Failed” – Why?

Documents sent from Ariba will be updated to “Acknowledged”. They will then be validated by ARROW ENERGY against the business rules. If a mismatch is identified, the document will be discarded by ARROW ENERGY, and the status in Ariba will be updated to “Failed”.

Please always check the document details against the PO – Confirmed items, Quantity available, Price etc. - are correct to avoid “Failed” in the documents. Please edit & resubmit with correct details if the document has been failed.

What is an Order Confirmation?

ARROW ENERGY requires all Purchase Order to be confirmed (confirm/update/reject) in SAP Business Network (Ariba). You will need to confirm the order to create the invoices against the ‘confirmed’ order line(s).

How do I create, confirm, update or reject the order?

ARROW ENERGY allows suppliers to:

a) Confirm Entire Order: used to confirm all line item details of the order

b) Update Line Item: used to request ARROW ENERGY approval to changes to details of the order prior to invoicing, e.g. price, date etc.


  • Do not use Backorder as this will flag the line/order for deletion in ARROW ENERGY’s system.
  • Do not use Split Lines feature as this will flag the line/order for deletion in ARROW ENERGY’s system
  • Do not add Freight as this not be updated by ARROW ENERGY’s system – you must contact the Purchasing Agent to make this change if required
  • A delivery date change, if accepted, will trigger a Change Order. A Change Order needs to be confirmed.
  • A quantity change will update the ARROW ENERGY system but it will NOT trigger a change order

c) Reject Entire Order: used to reject the order if it cannot be fulfilled Rejection should not be used for: Incorrect Delivery Dates or Incorrect Price, use the Update Line Item is the correct process.

You may also find the relevant information with visual guidance in “Order Collaboration Guide”

How to create Service Claims?

Please refer to the training material “ARROW ENERGY invoicing guide

Why is the “Create SES” button greyed out?

Please check the status of the order. The order needs to be confirmed before you can create an SES.

What to do if my Invoice or Service Entry has not been responded to yet?

Kindly contact your Purchasing Agent on the PO. Please refer to “Additional Support” sections at the end of this FAQs for tips & hints and contacts.

Why is my SES rejected? How could I resubmit it?

Your SES could be rejected by ARROW ENERGY due to several reasons, such as there is no service sheet attached to the SES submission. Please review the rejection reason, amend/edit accordingly and resubmit it If there is no rejection reason being stated, please reach out to the Arrow Energy Support Team.

What about the invoices I generate on my internal ERP system?

There is no change to your own accounting processes. Your account allows you to use any reference number for the invoice you generate on SAP Business Network (Ariba).

  • Create Partial Invoices for a Purchase Order
  • Create multiple invoices against the same order line up to the quantity/value available on that PO line.
  • Create Full Invoice for a Purchase Order.
System says “cannot generate an invoice for this order because there are no receipts. At least one receipt is required”. What do I do?
  • Goods invoices require that your goods have been delivered to ARROW ENERGY and that you have received a Goods Receipt Notice from ARROW ENERGY to your account. Please contact the Purchasing Agent quoted on the purchase order and request that a Goods Receipt is processed in ARROW ENERGY’s SAP system. If requested provide the Proof of Delivery document to support your request for Goods Receipt.
  • Services Invoices require a Service Entry Sheet. In some instances you can create both the SES and invoice in 1-step.
How do I know when my Invoice will be paid?

Suppliers have access to “Scheduled Payments” tile. The scheduled payment date for an invoice is calculated by the agreed payment terms to the Invoice Submission approval date.

Can supplier create a Credit Note in SAP Business Network (Ariba). ?

Yes, but it’s only applicable for Goods Orders

How can I raise a credit for an ERS invoice?
  1. Services PO : Supplier raises an online payment query form via Service Entry Sheet · ARROW ENERGY Billiton Case Management, selects ‘Delete’ for Type of SES and fills in all relevant information. Once the form is submitted, the ARROW ENERGY SES team will receive a case via their CRM queue and will revoke and delete the SES. SAP Business Network (Ariba) auto-generates the credit document. In Ariba the supplier will receive the updated Purchase Order with the credited amount now available.
  2. Goods PO: Supplier contacts the relevant ARROW ENERGY Purchasing Officer listed on the original Purchase Order who will liaise with the ARROW ENERGY Warehouse to reverse the goods receipt in the SAP system. Once goods receipt is reversed, SAP system then auto-generates the credit document. In Ariba the supplier will receive the updated Purchase Order with the credited amount now available.
Do I need to create an invoice if I am an Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) vendor?


  • For Service Orders, the invoice will be auto-generated once your SES is approved. Only the SES is required to be submitted in SAP Business Network (Ariba).
  • For Goods Orders, the invoice will be auto-generated upon Goods Receipt.
How do I edit tax/charges while invoicing?

Tax will be copied from the PO, except for the following cases:

  1. Vendors with ‘Tax editable’ business rule – tax is not supplied on PO and it’s editable on the invoice. These vendors can create the appropriate tax category and rate. This is a limited option.
  2. Vendors who are selling internationally – Where the transaction is directed to a ARROW ENERGY entity outside of your home tax jurisdiction (Australian vendor sells to Canada), tax cannot be charged. ARROW ENERGY requires the invoice to be sent outside of Ariba to allow withholding tax to be applied. Enterprise account suppliers have access to “Scheduled Payments” tab under Inbox. The scheduled payment date for an invoice is calculated by the agreed payment terms to the Invoice Submission date.
What if my invoices got rejected?

Please review the rejection reason, amend accordingly and resubmit the rejected invoice with a new invoice number via the Rejected Invoices tile on the homepage. In any case that the rejection reason is not known/shown in the SAP Business Network (Ariba), please reach out to the ARROW ENERGY eBusiness team for further investigation.

How do I edit and resubmit rejected invoices?

The Edit and Resubmit feature can be used but the vendor must change the invoice number before submitting for the second time. Otherwise, the invoice will be rejected as a duplicate invoice in the system

Why is my invoice being rejected when there are sufficient funds available on the PO?

Several factors could cause this issue to happen. Please contact your Purchasing Agent on the PO. Please refer to “Additional Support” sections at the end of this FAQs for tips & hints and contacts.

Having issues logging in to SAP Business Network (Ariba)?

If your account becomes locked you can reset your username and password from the front screen.

Where do I go for additional support?
  • When logged into your account, click the Help (?) icon in the upper right corner to expand the panel and gain access to relevant help topics
    • Help topics are based on current transaction page
    • Documentation- generic information regarding how to complete a transaction.
    • Support –users online help only

SAP Login Screen

SAP Additional Support screen

Key contacts and more information


All the recorded trainings are available from the below links:

Where do I locate reference documents for ARROW ENERGY?

SAP Business Network (Ariba) has provided a number of guides and short videos to explain how-to for users of Standard and Enterprise Ariba accounts. Training guides contain guides for goods and services processing and Training clips are a series of short video clips to assist with common tasks. Please refer to this information as it will answer many everyday questions.

ARROW ENERGY has provided specific ARROW ENERGY guides and information about supply exchange/service repair process. This information can only be obtained by logging into SAP Business Network and Click on Settings -> Company Settings, then click on Customer Relationships and select Supplier Information Portal in line with ARROW ENERGY