Our Surat gas supplies Braemar, Braemar 2 and Daandine Power stations, and other power-generating customers. We own Braemar 2 power station and that produces three to four per cent of Queensland’s electricity – enough for more than 200,000 homes.

Since early 2016, we have improved existing facilities, including:

  • $500 million to increase gas to the Daandine central gas processing facility
  • a $100+ million capacity expansion of facilities at Daandine and Tipton gas fields.

We also have reserves in the Clarence Moreton Basin (Scenic Rim) but no immediate plans to develop them.

Surat Gas Project

In December 2017, we signed one of the largest gas supply deals on Australia’s east coast with the Shell-operated QCLNG joint venture.

The 27+ year deal will commercialise most of our Surat gas reserves (about five trillion cubic feet) and enable us to use existing QGC-operated infrastructure (gas compression, processing and transmission) to reduce impacts on landholders and communities.

Phased development will start from an expansion of our Tipton field near Dalby, and move to new development areas from about 2021.

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