Purchase Order Fulfilment

Upon receipt of an Arrow Purchase Order please comply with the following activities:

For Materials:

  1. Confirm that delivery dates can be met. If not, revert with updated delivery dates for acceptance by Arrow Energy
  2. Ensure that materials are labelled with the applicable Arrow Energy SAP Material Code. (SAP Material Code can be found in the PO, under item section, under Material header)
  3. Where deliveries are going anywhere other than the stores address on the PO (e.g. going directly to a rig), ENSURE that a copy of the delivery docket is emailed to Procurement@arrowenergy.com.au
  4. Note that the consignor is responsible for the completion of all documentation relevant to dangerous goods, and it is the manufacturer and importer’s duty to label dangerous goods
  5. Note that as per Arrow Energy’s supplier contractual obligations, all Dangerous Goods MUST be identified with correct shipping name, DG Class, subsidiary risk, packing group (if applicable), UN number and Hazchem code as per the requirements of the applicable Code or Regulation. Failure to comply with this requirement and other regulatory requirements may lead to the possible suspension of your company’s trading account with Arrow Energy
  6. For freight preparation and packaging guidelines, please refer to Arrow’s Freight Preparation and Packaging Guideline document PDF 624.44 KB | Comparative Guide PDF 314.03 KB

For Transport:

Arrow employs International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) to specify the rights and obligations of supplies and Arrow for the supply of goods.  Suppliers of goods need to meet the specific Incoterms on their purchase order from Arrow.

Toll Energy is appointed as Arrow’s transportation provider.

To instigate a request for transport, please register first with 'Toll Energy and Marine' at My Toll. Contact qldoperations.dalby@tollgroup.com for any enquiries.

For all queries in regards to freight, please contact Toll Energy on (07) 3089 7020 or email tollenergyqld.operations@tollgroup.com.

Please Note: Arrow will not pay an alternative freight provider other than Toll Energy. Please contact your Arrow Energy representative if you require special arrangements for freight.

Should you require further information regarding your PO, please submit your query via email to Procurement@arrowenergy.com.au