External Relations

Arrow Energy is committed to engaging with the communities in which we operate. Effective communication with key stakeholders is an integral part of our strategy to manage non-technical risk.

Arrow's External Relations and Tenure Management department (ER&TM) is the primary contact for all engagement with external stakeholders. This includes engagement with community, media, and local, state and federal government. All contractors must contact Arrow Energy's ER&TM team prior to any external engagement regarding Arrow's project activities and initiatives. 

Similarly, all external enquiries and complaints must be reported to and managed through Arrow's Community Relations team, within ER&TM. Arrow's Complaints Management System sets out a framework for the management and documentation of complaints.

The following policies and procedures are applicable to Arrow contractors and suppliers:

Please contact the ER&TM team on 1800 038 856 (free call) or info@arrowenergy.com.au for more information.