Sustainability Report 2012

Read about our progress and actions during 2012 in our first sustainability report.

We conduct our operations to foster long-term, transparent and sustainable relationships with the communities in which we work, live and operate.

Download the Sustainability Report 2012 (PDF, 9.5 MB) or read about specific sections below.



A strong financial and operational performance enables us to deliver value to both the communities in which we operate and to shareholders. 

Read more in Sustainability Report - Economics. (PDF, 1.2 MB).


Our people

We want Arrow to be a great place to work with a strong safety culture and ongoing commitment to fairness, equity and ethical behaviour in the workplace. 

Read more in Sustainability Report - Our people. (PDF, 1.3 MB)


Our communities

Our long-term success is closely linked to the wellbeing of the broader community in which we operate, the liveability of these communities and our ability to obtain and maintain a social licence to operate with our stakeholders. 

Read more in Sustainability Report - Our communities. (PDF, 2.2 MB)



Our environmental programs aim to reduce environmental impacts, conserve and recycle resources, reduce waste and pollution, and improve processes to help protect the natural environment as well as monitoring and measuring performance.

Read more in Sustainability Report - Environment. (PDF, 2.7 MB)

Data summary

Read more in Sustainability Report - Data summary. (PDF, 622.5 KB)