Baseline assessment of water bores

Under the Water Act 2000 (the Water Act), petroleum tenure holders are required to conduct baseline assessments of all water bores within their tenure.

A baseline assessment of a water bore is undertaken to obtain information about the bore, including:

  • water level and quality
  • bore construction
  • existing pumping infrastructure.

Arrow’s baseline assessment program provides critical data on groundwater to the Queensland Government and landholders. It creates an important reference point for ongoing monitoring and enables Arrow to assess and manage potential groundwater impacts in the future.

Dalby baseline bore assessment program

In 2016 and 2017, Arrow will conduct baseline assessments of water bores within Dalby township, as part of its requirements under the Water Act.

Arrow is contacting landholders with registered water bores for their assistance in the assessment program. If you do not receive a letter but would like to participate in the program and are on Arrow tenure, please contact Arrow on 1800 038 856 (free call) or email

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