Hydraulic fracturing 'fraccing' is an established technique, used throughout the world for six decades.

Fraccing uses a fluid to transmit pressure that creates fractures in a coal seam's structure, allowing its gas to flow.

Not all CSG wells require fraccing as some coal seams are quite permeable which means the gas can flow naturally. However, coal seams with low permeability often need to be stimulated to enhance the flow of gas.

Our fraccing fluid is about 99.5 per cent water and sand (the sand holds open the fractures). The remaining 0.5 per cent is substances commonly used in household products.

Our fraccing fluids do not contain benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene or xylenes (BTEX), which is in line with Queensland Government regulation. Our handling, use and disposal of fraccing fluids meets all health, safety and environmental management laws. 

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