Current applications

Under legislation (including the Environmental Protection Act 1994, Water Act 2000), Arrow Energy is required to notify the public of certain applications. The public notice process is intended to allow the public access to, and the opportunity to make a submission on certain applications. Public notification promotes community awareness and understanding of the implications of applications. It allows the public:

(a) to obtain details of applications

(b) to make submissions about the application to relevant departments

(c) the right of review and appeal regarding Department of Environment and Science (DES) decisions on applications about which they have made a submission.

Current Applications

There are currently no applications.

Petroleum Tenure

A coal seam gas (CSG) project requires a petroleum tenure before any activities can be conducted. There are two main types of petroleum tenures for coal seam gas extraction – an authority to prospect (ATP) and a petroleum lease (PL). An ATP is granted to facilitate the exploration and testing of CSG resources for a maximum of 12 years. A PL is given to facilitate production of CSG resources for a maximum of 30 years. A four year work program (ATP) or five year development plan (PL), which details the extent and nature of activities to be carried out, is required to be submitted and approved by the State Government before a petroleum tenure can be granted. If the plan is significantly changed within the period, a revised plan must be lodged.

More information on petroleum tenures can be found on the Department of Natural Resources and Mines' website.

Environmental Authority

An environmental authority (EA) is required before a petroleum tenure can be granted. The holder of a petroleum tenure cannot carry out activities related to the exploration, testing or production of CSG until an EA is granted by DEHP.

More information on EAs can be found on DEHP's website.