Groundwater connectivity research

Between 2013 and 2015, Arrow conducted extensive research in the Surat Basin, to evaluate the potential impact of CSG activity on the availability of groundwater from the Condamine Alluvium.

The Condamine Interconnectivity Research Project (CIRP) was led by the Queensland Government’s Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment (OGIA), to determine the connectivity between the underlying Walloon Coal Measures and the Condamine Alluvium. Results were independently reviewed.

Arrow conducted the aquifer pump testing component of the research, drilling four groundwater monitoring bores on two privately-owned intensively farmed land properties – the first at Daleglade in 2013 and the second at Lone Pine in 2014.

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This research has provided the most direct evaluation of connectivity between the Condamine Alluvium aquifer and the Walloon Coal Measures to date. It demonstrated very minimal potential for groundwater impact from CSG extraction. To date, there have been no impacts on the Condamine Alluvium aquifer.

Undertaken with the full support of landholders and government, the trials demonstrated coexistence between the CSG and agricultural industries can occur.

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Supporting Groundwater Interconnectivity Research fact sheet

A copy of the OGIA hydrogeological investigation report which summarises the approach used for the multiple lines of investigation, the results, and conclusions from the project is available on the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines website.