Surat Domestic Gas Business

Arrow has been producing gas from the Surat Basin since 2005 and currently has four domestic gas production fields.

Electricity generation in the Surat

Arrow holds 100 per cent interest in the Braemar 2 Power Station and the electricity generated. We also generate electricity under long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with the Daandine power station. 

The Braemar 2 and Daandine power stations have capacities of 450MW and 33MW respectively. Arrow's interest in these power stations is as follows.

Braemar 2 Power Station

Arrow jointly developed the 450MW Braemar 2 Power Station with ERM Power in 2009, acquiring 100 per cent ownership in July 2011. It consists of three 150MW open-cycle gas turbines and a 110km dedicated high pressure gas pipeline through which Arrow and third parties can feed gas.

Located about 40km south west of Dalby in south east Queensland, Braemar 2 currently provides three to four per cent of Queensland's electricity. It is fired by coal seam gas (CSG) from our Daandine and Tipton West gas fields in the Surat Basin at a rate of approximately 15 petajoules per annum (PJ/a), enough to power more than 200,000 households each year. The power station operates as a peak and shoulder period generator.

Daandine Power Station

The Daandine Power Station is owned and operated by Energy Infrastructure Investments (EII), however all current and future capacity is contracted to Arrow which pays a tolling fee for using the power station.

Arrow currently sells all electricity generated to Origin Energy under a long-term PPA.

CSG Production

Arrow's Surat domestic gas business has four gas production fields in the Surat Basin which started in 2005 - Kogan North, followed by Tipton West, Daandine and Stratheden.

Our target coal seams in the Surat Basin are the Walloon Coal Measures.

Tipton West

The Tipton West gas field, 40km south-west of Dalby, has been producing gas since 2007.

Tipton West currently supplies Braemar 1 and Braemar 2 power stations.

Gas from Tipton West is processed at the Tipton West central gas processing facility, owned by Energy Infrastructure Investments (EII) and operated by Arrow.

Kogan North

The Kogan North gas field is 50km north-west of Dalby and owned by a 50/50 joint venture between Arrow and Stanwell Corporation Ltd. The field has been producing gas since January 2006.

Stanwell takes ownership of the gas at the inlet to EII's Kogan North central gas processing facility, close to our Kogan North and Daandine Production fields.

EII charges a tolling fee to process the raw gas from the Kogan North field under a usage agreement.

Daandine and Stratheden

The Daandine gas field is 40km north-west of Dalby and has been producing gas since September 2006.

Gas is supplied from the field to Daandine Power Station, and to the Daandine central gas processing facility. The CGPF is also connected to the Stratheden gas field; among its customers is Braemar 2 Power Station.

For more information please refer to our interactive map of current operations and domestic gas activities.