Arrow Surat Pipeline

The proposed Arrow Surat Pipeline is a buried high-pressure steel pipeline to transport coal seam gas from the Surat Basin to a gas hub 22km west of Gladstone, where it will join the proposed Arrow Bowen Pipeline.

The pipeline will be buried at least 750mm and will be between 810mm to 860mm in diameter.

The proposed route

Our proposed route runs north from the Kogan area, through the local government areas of Western Downs, Banana, North Burnett and Gladstone. View the route map (PDF, 69 4KB).

Arrow has selected this route to minimise impacts on communities, environmentally sensitive areas like essential habitats, endangered and threatened, and remnant native vegetation.


We'll need to clear a 40m right-of-way (ROW) for clearing and grading, trenching and spoil placement and pipeline stringing, welding and laying. The ROW will provide enough working space so the crew can work safely and minimise impact to the surrounding land.

At any one point along the construction ROW, work will take three to six months, given favourable weather conditions.

Once construction is finished, we'll rehabilitate the ROW back to its pre-construction condition so normal activities can occur.

Construction will occur in two phases:

  • firstly, the northern section from Gladstone down to west Dalby, which will take two to three years
  • secondly, an extension from Dalby to west of Cecil Plains.

Regulatory process

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Arrow Surat Pipeline was approved in 2010.

Arrow is currently assessing development options for its Surat Basin gas reserves, including opportunities for collaboration.