Our partnership with PCYC Dalby brings tailored programs to Western Downs’ youth, including Braking the Cycle, Ignition and Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds.

PCYC Learner Drivers


hours of free learner driver training each month

PCYC Licences


provisional licences obtained

PCYC Sports


free boxing, lazer skirmish and basketball sessions

PCYC Active Minds and Bodies


Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds pilot program graduates

The programs

Braking the Cycle

Braking the Cycle is a volunteer driver mentoring program to support learner drivers who do not have a supervisor or suitable vehicle to build their log booked driving hours. The program helps them to their drivers’ licences, which then increases their employment and education opportunities, and community connections.

Participants are matched with a volunteer from PCYC Dalby’s experienced driver mentor network. With a strong foundation in the Dalby community, the program is now delivering more than 100 hours of log booked driving tuition to each learner driver.

PCYC Braking the Cycle

The Ignition program uses laser skirmish and twice-weekly boxing training sessions to build bridges with young people. It guides them to healthy and active lifestyles while maintaining a positive relationship with local police.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

PCYC Queensland established the Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds recovery program to address the physical and emotional wellbeing of people recovering from mental health issues.

Arrow’s partnership with PCYC Dalby brings the program to Western Downs.

Participants receive PCYC membership, and complete an eight-week exercise and healthy eating program under a personal trainer.