According to the Australian Sports Commission, girls are just as likely as boys to play sport at school.  However, as adults, women are less likely to participate in sport than men.  By early adulthood, team sport participation has been drastically reduced as young women face other priorities and interests. (Australian Sports Commission – Women and Girls Participation, 2017)

Women’s rugby league is one of Australia’s fastest growing sports, a fact underlined by the introduction of Australia’s first semi-professional rugby league competition. Females in increasing numbers are starting to play, what was until recently, a traditionally-male sport.

However, barriers to female participation remain, including negative attitudes, inadequate resourcing and a lack of quality coaching.

The impact

Since 2018, this partnership has delivered:

  • a Girls Rugby League 9’s tournament involving 230 girls from 18 secondary schools
  • Broncos NRLW players visiting two schools to meet 150 students
  • a Girls Rugby League clinic involving 100 students.

The programs

Through our partnership with the Brisbane Broncos NRLW team, we are supporting the growth and development of rugby league as an inclusive sport for girls and young women and in-turn a positive way to improve health and well-being.

Together we are offering quality experiences for girls designed to inspire and motivate them to:

  • exercise with friends in a fun supportive environment
  • meet and learn from female athletes participating in non-traditional careers and sports
  • listen to empowering messages that they are capable of doing any activities or sport they enjoy
Broncos Secondary Girls Gala Day