Our history

  • 97


    Arrow Energy forms to take up a 12.5% interest in Northern Territory's Timor Seam exploration project. The project is a joint venture with Santos, Petroz and Beach Petroleum. It proves the first in a long line of projects for Arrow, which goes on to become an Australian success story.

  • 00


    Company focus shifts to discovering economic gas reserves close to existing pipelines and gas markets. 

    Arrow begins exploration in south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales, with tenements in the Surat and Clarence Moreton Basins, as well as the Nagoorin and Hillsborough troughs near Gladstone and Townsville.

    • 2000 March

      Arrow's first Surat Basin tenure, ATP 683, is granted.

    • 2000 May

      CH4 Pty Ltd, a private equity company, reaches agreement with BHP to undertake exploration in BHP's ATP 364 in the Bowen Basin. Under the agreement, CH4 will explore, develop and market any gas from ATP 364, with BHP given farm-in rights, to enter the project as a joint venture partner. Arrow Energy goes on to acquire CH4 in a friendly takeover in 2006.

    • 2000 August

      Arrow (ASX Code: AOE) lists on the ASX on 17 August 2000 with 128 million shares at $0.20. It has less than five employees and more than 700 shareholders.

  • 01


    • Arrow gains a firm footing within the Queensland gas industry by embarking on a major exploration and development project in the Surat Basin.
    • Arrow agrees to supply CS Energy, Queensland's largest electricity supplier, with gas for domestic purposes for the next 15 years.
    • Arrow also acquires a controlling interest in Australian CBM Pty Ltd.
    • 2001 February

      CH4 successfully drills its first pilot well using the world-first 'surface to in-seam' gas extraction method on its pilot activities near Moranbah.

    • 2001 June

      Arrow drills its first exploration well in the Surat Basin Dundee-1, in ATP 676.

    • 2001 July

      Arrow drills its second well Darvall-1, located within ATP 676 (Chinchilla).

  • 02


    • Arrow begins its Kogan North CSG pilot project between Dalby and Chinchilla.
    • Large CSG reserves are confirmed in the Surat Basin's Walloon Coal Measures.
    • Arrow acquires the remaining interests in Australian CBM Pty Ltd, as well as BNG Pty Ltd.
    • 2002 January

      Arrow's technical department as at 2002. The team consists of one exploration manager, one engineer and four geologists.

    • 2002 March

      Arrow is granted its first Petroleum Lease in the Bowen Basin PL 191.

    • 2002 August

      Arrow drills its first pilot well, Kogan North Pilot-1, in the Surat Basin.

    • 2002 October

      CH4 signs a gas sales agreement to deliver gas for electricity generation in Townsville.

      Townsville power station is to be converted from kerosene to CSG. Together with a pipeline from Moranbah, this becomes known as the North Queensland Gas Project.

  • 03


    Pilot projects:

    • Work on Kogan North-5 pilot well continues.
    • Arrow begins work on the Tipton West pilot project near Dalby.
    • 2003 July

      Arrow drills its second pilot well, located at Tipton West, in the Surat Basin.

    • 2003 August

      CH4 begins construction on the Moranbah Gas Project, which is 100% complete by December 2004.

  • 04


    • With discoveries in Swanbank (near Ipswich), Mt Lindesay (near Beaudesert) and Boyne River (near Gladstone), Arrow grows from a relatively small explorer to a company ready to build a major gas production portfolio.
    • The informal opening of Arrow's first regional office in Bennie Street, Dalby, with room for three staff.
    • 2004 August

      CH4 and BHP sign an agreement to form the Moranbah Gas Project Joint Venture project.

    • 2004 September

      Enertrade completes the Moranbah to Townsville Gas Pipeline (formerly known as the North Queensland Gas Pipeline).
    • 2004 September

      First gas is sold from Moranbah Gas Project.
    • 2004 November

      CH4 and AngloCoal sign the first co-development agreement between coal mining and CSG proponents for overlapping tenure.

    • 2004 December

      Arrow is granted its first Petroleum Lease, PL 194, in the Surat Basin.

  • 05


    • Arrow raises considerable capital and announces a $35 million development by Beach Petroleum at the Tipton West field.
    • Arrow also announces a funding arrangement at Daandine whereby Alinta Energy will build, own and operate the proposed Braemar Power Station.
    • First Kogan North production well is drilled.
    • Queensland Gas Scheme is introduced to boost the state's gas industry and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    • 2005 March

      CH4 Gas Limited (ASX Code: CHX) lists on the ASX.

    • 2005 May

      Bow Energy NL (ASX Code: BOW) lists on the ASX. Bow first forms as a spin-off company when Arrow shifts its focus to CSG project development. Bow takes Arrow's conventional petroleum interests.

    • 2005 July

      Media launch of Arrow's first reverse osmosis (RO) plant at Tipton West in the Surat Basin.

  • 06


    Arrow opens up Surat gas for Queensland and gains entry to the Moranbah Gas Project.

    • 2006 January

      Arrow becomes the first company to drill for and sell CSG from the Surat Basin. The gas comes from the Kogan North Project about two months ahead of contract requirements.

    • 2006 August

      Arrow acquires CH4 Gas Limited in a friendly takeover. The combined company has a market capitalisation of more than $1.5 billion. This acquisition brings a 50% stake in the Moranbah Gas Project – the Townsville market's sole supplier of natural gas.

    • 2006 December

      First electricity sales from the 30MW Daandine Power Station.

  • 07


    Arrow rises rapidly in the share market on the back of new gas sales.
    • 2007 February

      Arrow sells first gas from the Tipton West field to Braemar Power Project, two months ahead of schedule.
    • 2007 March

      Standard and Poor's (S&P) includes Arrow in the ASX300 index of Australia's top 300 companies. Only 34 days later, it enters the S&P ASX200.
    • 2007 March

      Arrow announces its 2P net gas reserves have climbed to 719PJ (up from 498PJ), thanks to a reserves rectification program at the Daandine field.
    • 2007 April

      Arrow announces an agreement to supply 2PJ of Daandine field gas per year for 15 years to Liquegas Energy of Norway. It is used to be used as feedstock for a small LNG plant.
    • 2007 May

      Arrow signs a heads of agreement with LNG Ltd to supply at least 55PJ per year for 12 years from 2011 to a proposed mid-scale LNG plant, known as Fisherman's Landing.
    • 2007 June

      Arrow's maiden full-year profit is $17.83 million.
    • 2007 November

      In a 50/50 joint venture with AGL Energy, Arrow acquires Enertrade's assets, pipeline and power station contracts in Townsville as part of a Queensland Government selldown of its only gas government owned corporation (GOC). The Townsville (Yabulu) Power Station has capacity of about 230MW.
    • 2007 December

      As part of the joint venture with AGL, Arrow takes on the gas processing and upstream activities at Moranbah, while AGL manages the merchant gas business and power dispatch from the Townsville Power Station. Arrow now participates in the entire CSG value chain from gas production to the end consumer.
    • 2007 December

      Arrow staff numbers reach 212.
  • 08


    Arrow increases the use of CSG with plans for a new Queensland power station.

    • 2008 February

      Arrow announces a partnership with ERM Power to jointly develop the 450MW Braemar 2 Power Station and associated high pressure gas pipeline. Arrow also signs a gas sales agreement to supply the station with 11.5PJ of gas per year over 12 years, with the gas price aligned to underlying electricity revenues.
    • 2008 June

      Maintenance at a well head

      Arrow and Shell announce a major alliance to develop Arrow's Australian and international CSG projects.

  • 09


    • Queensland Government awards a 45-year point-to-point gas pipeline licence from Moranbah to Gladstone for Arrow and AGL's joint venture – The Moranbah Gas Project.
    • Arrow becomes a top 100 ASX company with a market capitalisation of more than $3 billion.
    • 2009 January

      Royal Dutch Shell acquires a 30% interest in Arrow's upstream tenements.
    • 2009 June

      The Braemar 2 Power Station and its gas pipeline are fully operational.
    • 2009 August

      Arrow purchases Theten, a 12,000 acre mixed cropping and grazing property. Theten goes on to become Arrow's central research centre and the site of coexistence demonstrations that include pitless drilling, pad drilling and irrigation projects using treated CSG water. Theten was originally called The Ten.
    • 2009 August

      Arrow staff numbers reach 400.
  • 10


    Shell and PetroChina take charge.
    • 2010 January

      The Queensland Government approves the Arrow Surat Pipeline (formerly the Surat Gladstone Pipeline) EIS.
    • 2010 August

      • Royal Dutch Shell and PetroChina form a 50/50 joint venture partnership to acquire 100 per cent of Arrow enabling Arrow to deliver a mega CSG to LNG project – the Arrow LNG project.
      • The project will take CSG from Arrow's producing fields in the Surat and Bowen basins to a facility on Curtis Island via two major pipelines, for conversion to LNG and export to international markets.
    • 2010 August

      At the time of the takeover Arrow is valued at $5 billion with a share price of $5.87, cementing Arrow's reputation as an Australian success story. Just nine years earlier, Arrow was listed on ASX for $20 million with a share price of $0.20.
    • 2010 August

      As part of the takeover, Arrow divests its international assets and some of its NSW assets, creating a new company called Dart Energy.
    • 2010 September

      The Queensland Government issues final terms of reference for the Arrow Surat Gas Project EIS.
    • 2010 December

      Arrow staff numbers reach 432.
  • 11


    A year of building ties with the community.
    • 2011 January

      Arrow launches the revised Brighter Futures program, a community investment program focusing on health and safety, education and the environment.
    • 2011 March

      Arrow partners with three other Queensland CSG companies and CareFlight to develop the Surat Gas Aeromedical Service (SGAS).

    • 2011 July

      Arrow completes its buyout of the Braemar 2 Power Station south west of Dalby.

    • 2011 July

      Arrow issues draft terms of reference for its Arrow Bowen Pipeline Project EIS.
    • 2011 August

      Arrow awards the front-end engineering design (FEED) contract for its Arrow LNG Plant to CJF, an international consortium comprising Chiyoda Corporation, CB&I and Saipem.
    • 2011 November

      Arrow announces a three-year partnership agreement with the Brisbane Broncos, putting regional Queensland directly in touch with an iconic National Rugby League team.
    • 2011 November

      Arrow receives a five-year beneficial use approval from the Queensland Government for a project at Theten to examine the use of treated coal seam water on irrigated crops.
    • 2011 December

      Arrow lodges three draft EISs with the Queensland Government – for the Arrow LNG Plant, the Surat Gas Project and the Arrow Bowen Pipeline.

    • 2011 December

      Arrow awards Arup a contract to design a 6km tunnel below the seabed to move gas and utilities from Gladstone to the Arrow LNG Plant on Curtis Island.
    • 2011 December

      Arrow, QGC, Santos and UQ partner to form the Centre for Coal Seam Gas at UQ in Brisbane. Arrow, UQ, QGC and Santos commit up to $20 million for its first five years of operation. The Centre will harness extensive capability from UQ and other academic collaborators to further increase the knowledge and skill needs of the growing CSG industry – undertaking significant research in four focus areas: petroleum engineering, geoscience, water and social performance.
    • 2011 December

      Arrow Energy's Brighter Futures program delivers in excess of $1.25 million to 70 community groups in 2011 to support health, safety, environment and education activities.
    • 2011 December

      Arrow staff numbers reach 900.
  • 12


    Environmental plans go on show; Arrow launches new community shopfronts and partnerships.
    • 2012 January

      Arrow completes its acquisition of Bow Energy, a company with strategic gas assets in the Bowen Basin.
    • 2012 March

      Arrow announces its second major corporate partnership with the Queensland Ballet to deliver dance workshops and professional development to school students and teachers across the state.
    • 2012 March

      Public comment period opens on the Arrow Bowen Pipeline and Surat Gas Project draft EISs.
    • 2012 March

      Arrow announces one of the largest commercial accommodation contracts in Brisbane's history for around 800 staff. The move brings together a growing staff, which was scattered across five CBD buildings.
    • 2012 April

      Public comment period opens on the Arrow LNG Plant draft EIS.
    • 2012 May

      Four parties are invited to tender for upstream gas infrastructure (well heads, gas compressors and gathering and water treatment systems) for Arrow's Bowen and Surat Basin projects.
    • 2012 May

      The Arrow Beijing Study Centre opens in Beijing, China in a joint project between Arrow and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC, whose subsidiary, PetroChina, is one of Arrow's parent companies). The Centre is a world-class facility for CSG production technology and research.
    • 2012 May

      Yalari-Arrow Energy scholarship program launches, supporting Indigenous students to attend boarding schools.
    • 2012 July

      The draft terms of reference for the Arrow Bowen Gas Project EIS is issued for public comment.
    • 2012 July

      Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation (QATSIF) launches the QATSIF-Arrow Energy Queensland Certificate of Education Scholarship Program for Indigenous high school students.
    • 2012 August

      Arrow announces a series of commitments to demonstrate coexistence between CSG activities and the agricultural industry on intensively farmed land in the Surat Basin. The commitments are based on technical innovation since 2010.
    • 2012 September

      Dalby Community Information Centre opens.
    • 2012 October

      Arrow announces a partnership with the Condamine Alliance to restore the Loudoun Weir fishway near Dalby. This fishway is an integral part of a revival mission by the Condamine Alliance to restore native fish populations to 60% of pre-European settlement levels.
    • 2012 October

      Moranbah Community Information Centre opens.
    • 2012 December

      Arrow's staff complement stands at more than 1200.
    • 2012 December

      Arrow's Brighter Futures program commits in excess of $3.7 million to 92 organisations in 2012 to support health, safety, environment and education activities.
    • 2012 December

      Arrow lodges the Bowen Gas Project draft EIS with the Queensland Government.
    • 2012 December

      Arrow partners Moranbah State High School and Simply Sunshine Childcare to develop a vocational training program allowing Year 11 and 12 students to gain practical experience and training in the childcare industry.
  • 13


    Arrow collects its Brisbane staff into a single location and launches its Reconciliation Action Plan.
    • 2013 February

      Arrow launches the Whanu Binal program to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and individuals with knowledge and skills to gain work in the CSG industry. By year's end, the program has assisted 26 people to obtain vocational qualifications and 30 business to build their capacity, with 15 of those businesses now pre-qualified with Arrow.

    • 2013 February

      Queensland Government releases the supplementary report to the EIS for the Arrow LNG Plant and Arrow Bowen Pipeline.

    • 2013 March

      Public comment period opens on the Bowen Gas Project draft EIS.

    • 2013 March

      Arrow partners with three other Queensland CSG companies and CareFlight to launch the Gladstone aeromedical evacuation service.
    • 2013 March

      Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection approves the Arrow Bowen Pipeline.
    • 2013 March

      Arrow harvests the first cereal crops grown with treated CSG water, on its Theten farm.
    • 2013 May

      Arrow launches its Reconciliation Action Plan – the first for the CSG industry in Queensland. Arrow's reconciliation vision is respectful, enduring relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
    • 2013 May

      Arrow announces 25 recipients of its Indigenous Tertiary Scholarship program which supports students undertaking tertiary study across six universities across Queensland. Recipients are from Traditional Owner groups in Arrow's areas of operation.
    • 2013 May

      Arrow moves into its new offices at One One One Eagle Street – one of the largest single tenancies in Brisbane.
    • 2013 June

      Arrow and the Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment run an aquifer pump test at privately-owned Daleglade farm on the Condamine Alluvium – a historic direct evaluation of groundwater flows between the alluvium and the Walloon Coal measures. Its data feeds into OGIA's Condamine Interconnectivity Research Project. The scientific test was well received by industry, government and landholders.
    • 2013 August

      Gladstone Community Information Centre opens.
    • 2013 September

      The Queensland Government approves the Arrow LNG Plant.
    • 2013 September

      Arrow announces two partnerships with the Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) Dalby – Braking the Cycle, a driver training program which assists young people towards 100 hours of supervised driving needed for their licences; and the Ignition Project, laser skirmish and twice-weekly boxing for 11 to 19-year-olds.
    • 2013 September

      Arrow launches its Because We're Listening advertising campaign in the Western Downs area, highlighting its commitment to coexist with the agricultural industry, particularly on intensively farmed land. The campaign runs for two months in regional newspapers, online news sites, as well as billboards and on shopping centre displays.
    • 2013 October

      The Surat Gas Project receives approval from the Queensland Government. The supplementary report to the EIS is released in November 2013.
    • 2013 November

    • 2013 December

      Arrow announces a three-year, $754,000 extension of its partnership with the Condamine Alliance, to improve native fish habitat on a 110km stretch of the Condamine River and its tributaries.
    • 2013 December

      Arrow announces a partnership with the State Library of Queensland delivering the Dads Read and Creative Community Computing Programs to regional Queensland.
    • 2013 December

      Federal Government approves the Arrow LNG Plant EIS.
    • 2013 December

      Arrow provides more than $4.6 million to 117 projects in the Surat and Bowen Basins, Gladstone, Brisbane and various communities throughout Queensland through its Brighter Futures community investment program in 2013, continuing our commitment to enhancing the quality of life in communities where we are present.

  • 14


    Arrow announces a major unit technical cost revision process to increase the value of its projects in Australia's high-cost environment.

    Company enters front-end engineering design for two major Bowen Basin developments.

    • 2014 May

      $20 million engineering, procurement and construction management contract for the Daandine Expansion Project is announced, awarded to the Clough AMEC Joint Venture. Contract includes well facilities and new gas and water gathering pipelines in the Daandine field for an additional 18.5 terajoules of gas per day.
    • 2014 May

      Clough-AMEC JV signing at Arrow Energy
      Clough AMEC Joint Venture wins engineering, procurement and construction management contract for the Daandine Expansion Project. Contract includes well facilities and new gas and water gathering pipelines in the Daandine field for an additional 18.5 terajoules of gas per day.
    • 2014 July

      Arrow drills water monitoring bores on a privately-owned IFL farm, Naranga, outside Cecil Plains for data about groundwater flows between the Condamine Alluvium and the Walloon Coal Measures. Data feeds into the Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment's Condamine Interconnectivity Research Project. It is a follow up to the similar and well-received Daleglade interconnectivity trial, run June-July 2013.
    • 2014 August

      QUT High Performance Camp 2014

      Arrow and Queensland University of Technology's Oodgeroo Unit run a high performance camp for some of the state's top Indigenous university students, including recipients of Arrow's Indigenous Tertiary Scholarships.

      Image supplied by Leigh Harris.

    • 2014 September

      gas well in the Bowen Basin

      Arrow announces it will enter front-end engineering and design (FEED) on the Bowen Gas Project, demonstrating the attractiveness of the company's gas reserves in the Bowen Basin.

      A day later, the project's environmental impact statement is approved by the Queensland Government.

    • 2014 October

      Heart of Australia mobile clinic

      Arrow and Heart of Australia announce a major partnership to bring cardiac and respiratory specialists to regional areas of Queensland. Heart of Australia is a mobile specialist health clinic.

    • 2014 October

      Arrow Bowen pipeline

      Federal Government grants environmental approvals for the Bowen Gas Project and Arrow Bowen Pipeline.

    • 2014 November

      DHL signing at Arrow Energy

      Arrow signs international logistics company DHL as its fourth-party logistics contractor, a first for the Australian resources industry.

    • 2014 December

      Broncos coaching clinic in Moranbah
      Arrow and the Brisbane Broncos announce a new partnership agreement, to bring Broncos activities to Dalby and Moranbah.
  • 15
    • 2015 February

      Broncos breakfast BBQ in Moranbah

      The Bowen Blitz comes to Moranbah for the first time – two days of community events under the Brisbane Broncos-Arrow partnership.

    • 2015 March

      Bowen community consultation
      Arrow runs community engagement sessions in Moranbah, Middlemount and Gracemere, updating residents on its proposed Bowen developments.