1 Jan 2021

Arrow has applied for regional interests development approval (RIDA) of the route of its low-pressure header in southern Queensland. The header is a set of key pipelines for Arrow’s Surat Gas Project, which will:

  • bring gas and coal seam water from the field to field compression facilities across Arrow’s Surat operational area, and to water management facilities near Arrow’s existing Daandine and Tipton operations
  • transport treated water from Arrow’s Daandine storage dams to beneficial water users on Arrow’s tenures.

The low-pressure header runs beneath farmland defined as Strategic Cropping Area or Priority Agricultural Area. As such, the Queensland Government’s RIDA process applies to any proposed resources activity, unless voluntary agreements are reached with the landholders.

The RIDA process is conducted under the Regional Planning Interests Act 2014.  Details of Arrow’s RIDA application can be accessed here PDF 49272.74 KB. For questions, please contact us on our free call information line 1800 038 856.

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