Arrow Energy was its foundation partner in 2013 and, through Arrow’s influence, Heart of Australia now travels on a monthly circuit of 22 towns in Arrow’s two areas of operations, the Surat and Bowen basins in Queensland. With Arrow’s support, the service now receives funding from the Australian and Queensland government, as well as a diversified group of private and corporate donors – such is its importance to the healthcare of people in rural, regional and remote areas of Queensland’s vastly-spaced interior. However, Arrow retains its position as the founding partner that helped establish this greatly-valued service for rural and regional Queensland. The service has plans to further expand in Queensland and across other states.

A new era

Expanding the number of specialist health services...

In 2020, news media covered an Arrow/Heart of Australia celebration of the service’s 1500th clinic in Dalby, Arrow’s centre of operations in the Surat Basin.

In its first seven years, this service has:

  • seen 12,000 patients (15% of them indigenous)
  • saved more than 500 lives through its medical diagnosis and case management
  • saved patients 3,882,701km of travel by making its specialist services available in rural, regional and remote areas of Queensland.

Towards Arrow’s social impact management plan, this arrangement:

  • reduces the impact of Arrow’s operations on existing medical and health facilities
  • improves health outcomes for employees and residents in Arrow’s communities
  • provides preventative treatment that reduces impacts on emergency services
  • eliminates travel time and associated travel risks to attend medical appointments.

Download a copy of the case study here.