September 2021

Arrow's investment in the road network will leave a lasting benefit for all rural road users.
Experienced local roadwork and civil construction contractor, FKG Group, have been engaged to undertake the work.

In addition to this and two already completed upgrades, an additional 5 road sealing and upgrade projects are planned for 2021.

Paving the way for all road users

Sealing and other improvements are being rolled out across roads in Western Downs Region in the hands of Arrow Energy and its contractors.

Arrow is investing in roads both to offset its temporary impacts on the network and to leave a lasting benefit for all rural road users. We are presently constructing phase one of our Surat Gas Project (SGP); this task brings increased vehicle movements as workers and material follow the work front. Hand-in-glove with the field development comes improvements to enable the local road network to safely accommodate Arrow’s predicted increased road use, and to improve safety for all road users.

One of the first upgrades was to the intersection of two state-controlled roads - Dalby-Kogan Road and Daandine-Nandi Rd – near Ranges Bridge, in mid-2021.

After arranging the necessary approvals through the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (the road owner), Arrow contracted the works to the Toowoomba-headquartered, Australian company, FKG Group. FKG has extensive experience in roadworks and civil construction around Queensland and other parts of Australia.

Over the course of three months, FKG:

  • widened the intersection and added a passing lane on the northern side
  • upgraded sealing for more than 200m along Dalby-Kogan Road and about 60m down Daandine-Nandi Road
  • added a left-turn lane into Daandine Nandi Road and a right-turn lane into Daandine Nandi Road from Dalby Kogan Road
  • installed new road signage, line-marking and guide posts
  • upgraded existing drainage, including culvert re-construction on Daandine Nandi Road.

The result is an improved, and safer, intersection between two state-controlled roads that support traffic from the region’s agricultural industry, as well as transiting locals – plus, of course, the temporarily increased volume of light and heavy vehicles supporting SGP construction.

South of the intersection, two more sections of Daandine Nandi Road will be upgraded. Daandine-Nandi Road is presently a mix of sealed and unsealed surfaces; this project will seal two of the dirt sections. The scope includes:

  • full re-construction and upgrade of sections of existing unsealed road (widened to a nine-metre formation and an eight-metre-wide bitumen seal)
  • lime stabilisation and improvement of the subgrade
  • gravel pavement layers
  • spray sealing
  • road signs, guideposts, markers and line-marking.

Again, the sealing will support increased Arrow traffic but will provide a lasting benefit to the surrounding farms and other road users.

The process of creating a program of upgrades to support the Surat Gas Project began with a traffic impact assessment, which looked at the project’s field development, quantified the additional traffic and mapped out transport routes.

Arrow’s findings and recommendations were then presented to the two road owners in the area – the Department of Transport and Main Roads (state-controlled roads) and Western Downs Regional Council (local roads).  Both these bodies have to agree to the planned upgrades and control the standards to which these upgrades are carried out.

FKG Group and the Dalby arm of the MJ Smith Group from northern NSW have each been awarded a three-year master services contract with Arrow for roadworks. Both have extensive experience in roadworks and civil construction around Queensland and other parts of Australia.

Earlier in 2021, Arrow engaged MJ Smith Group to seal portions of Duleen-Daandine Road and Ducklo School Road:

  • Duleen-Daandine Rd, westwards from Daandine-Nandi Rd to the existing sealed section, (about 2.4km)
  • Ducklo School Rd, westwards from Duleen-Daandine Rd for just under 3km.

Other roadworks for 2021 are:

  • partial sealing of Leahy’s Road
  • sealing Broadwater Road
  • upgrading the Dalby-Kogan Road/Leahy’s Road intersection, with an extra turning lane for left turns onto Leahy’s Road
  • upgrading the Moonie Highway/Daandine Nandi Road intersection, with an extra turning lane for right turns onto Daandine-Nandi Road and allowance for a left run onto Nandi Road
  • upgrading the Moonie Highway/Broadwater Road intersection, with an extra turning lane for left turns onto Broadwater Road.

Arrow will spend about $25 million on roadworks on and around Daandie-Nandi Road in 2021.