Arrow agricultural scholarships back future farmers


Dalby high school student Sean Geraghty's dream of being a station manager is on its way to becoming a reality thanks to an Arrow Energy-sponsored agricultural scholarship.

The 16-year-old is among 10 students from Years 8 to 12 who will study under the scholarships next year at Dalby State High School's (DSHS) Bunya Campus, which specialises in agricultural education.

This is the fourth year the Arrow Energy Agricultural Scholarships, worth $5000 each, have been on offer to encourage the next generation of farmers through contributing to boarding fees.

The 2016 recipients were announced at the school's awards ceremony this week.

Sean, who currently boards at the campus, will complete Year 12 next year.

"I was fortunate to receive this scholarship last year which allowed me to study at this great school – to receive it for another year and complete my school education at the campus means everything to me," Sean said.

"It's providing me with a solid foundation to build my career in the agricultural industry and it's been a wonderful experience to work alongside students and teachers who are just as passionate about agriculture."

Sean said his family history and upbringing in Meandarra, halfway between Dalby and Surat, helped shaped his career ambitions.

"I have grown up in a rural area and I'm passionate about all things associated with the land," he said.

"With the support of this scholarship I will continue to grow and develop as a future agricultural leader and achieve my dream of being a station manager."

Fellow scholarship recipient Chloe Jamieson from Chinchilla will enter Year 9 next year and is already getting serious about her career aspirations.

"I would like to become an agronomist or animal geneticist," Chloe said.

"Agronomy interests me because you get to learn about different plants and how to grow them…and being an animal geneticist would also be good because you get to discover different parts of animals and learn how to improve them.

"It's all about making a sustainable food source – that's what I want to do."

Arrow Energy CEO Mike Grieve congratulated the students who will be joining 80 other students who board at the school's Bunya Campus.

"We established these scholarships to help farming families with the cost of providing a first-class education to their children," Mr Grieve said.

"Agriculture is at the core of the Western Downs community, and encouraging its development is extremely worthwhile for the region.

"These scholarships allow talented students to pursue their dreams of becoming the next generation of farmers."

DSHS Head of Campus Anne Rathmell said this was the fourth year the school has partnered with Arrow and the quality of applications has improved year-on-year.

"Having this partnership with Arrow has really helped to grow our agricultural curriculum at the school," Ms Rathmell said.

"The scholarships make it possible for passionate rural kids to come to the school and achieve their best.

"This year's scholarship applications were of the highest standard – I have no doubt the 10 students selected for the 2016 scholarships will one day become leaders in the agricultural industry."

Twenty-four applications for the scholarship were received. Applicants were asked to explain why they wanted to study agriculture, what their career goals were and how they had positively contributed to their communities.

The 2016 recipients are:

  • Sean Geraghty, Year 12, Meandarra
  • Chloe Jamieson, Year 9, Chinchilla
  • Sarah Pointon, Year 10, Surat
  • Dylan Lavaring, Year 10, Theodore
  • Piper Barth, Year 11, Jandowae
  • Ashley Cooper, Year 12, Tambo
  • Lindsay Markham, Year 8, Cecil Plains
  • Bodie Madgwick, Year 11, Brymaroo
  • Jessie Tattam, Year 11, Bungunya
  • Sara Wilson, Year 8, Durong


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