Indigenous scholarships open for higher education


Indigenous students across Queensland can apply for a university boost next year, thanks to a $250,000 scholarship program from Arrow Energy.

Applications are now open for the 2016 Arrow Energy Indigenous Scholarships Program at five of Queensland's leading universities: Central Queensland University, Griffith University, Queensland University of Technology, James Cook University and University of Southern Queensland.

Arrow Energy Community Relations Manager Peta Tucker said the program supported learning opportunities for Arrow’s Traditional Owner partners and the broader Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

"Arrow launched the scholarship program in 2012 to support better educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students,” Ms Tucker said.

“We believe that increasing participation in higher education is one of the key factors in closing the gap for young people in Indigenous communities.”

The scholarships are a complete educational package that also includes mentoring, tutoring and peer support networks so students have the best support to achieve their goals.

“Over the past four years we’ve seen some great student achievements through the program – such as a writing student finishing her first novel and going on to complete a PhD in England,” Ms Tucker said.

Also this year, Mitchell Lewis, a Warwick student who was inspired to become a paramedic after witnessing his father receive life-saving care, completed his Bachelor of Paramedic Science at Queensland University of Technology and hopes to go on to study medicine.

Another success story is 24 year old Elyce Wykes who has just completed her Bachelor Degree and Graduate Diploma in medical sonographer through Central Queensland University.

“It was a long four year journey but well worth it – I’m very passionate about medicine and working in this field has brought me so much joy and pride,” Eylce said.

“Receiving the Arrow Energy scholarship changed everything for me – it allowed me to get to where I am today and to find employment.

“The scholarship also took the financial burden off my family – I would never ask them for anything but they would give me the shirts off their backs to see me succeed in life.

“When I was awarded the scholarship I got to meet the other recipients and hear their stories – there are so many talented individuals from diverse backgrounds with such diverse career paths.

“When I applied for my degree the university said I might struggle because I didn’t have the educational background in biology and physics – I put everything into making sure I achieved success in this degree and now I have just graduated at the top of my class with distinction!”

“The scholarship program has been far more valuable than most would ever know and I am forever grateful for the opportunity.

“I would say to anyone who has a career in mind that requires a university degree to go for it – stop thinking that you can't do it or that you might struggle – just give it a go!”

The scholarships are worth up to $10,000 per year for full-time students and $5,000 per year for part-time students.

The closing date for applications varies between universities:

  • Central Queensland University (closes 4 January 2016)
  • James Cook University (closes 31 January 2016)
  • Griffith University (closes 26 February 2016)
  • Queensland University of Technology (opens 25 January 2016, closes 4 March 2016)
  • University of Southern Queensland (opens late December, closing date TBC)

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