Weed management

Weed management is critical to protecting Australia’s agriculture resources and natural environment.

Weeds can adversely impact primary production, ecosystem biodiversity and conservation values.

As a community member, landowner and responsible business, Arrow is committed to weed management.

Our integrated management plan includes weed identification, weed control, vehicle and machinery hygiene and post-construction monitoring.

Ecological surveys

Before working on any site, Arrow Energy develops site-specific access and approval conditions that identify weed species.

Weed management risk assessment

Each Arrow-controlled work site is assessed for high threat weeds and categorised as a high or low weed risk or exempt.

For instance, high-risk sites contain high-risk weeds - those legislated by state and local governments.

Site-specific access conditions are developed to reduce the risk of weed spread and clearly outline the weed risk status.

Vehicles and machinery

Arrow's vehicle and machinery hygiene procedure minimises the potential spread of weed reproductive material by vehicles, machinery, materials and equipment.

Before entering any property, Arrow vehicles must have either maintained travel within low weed risk areas or been inspected and certified as clean.

Every Arrow vehicle and machine has a vehicle hygiene log book that records where the vehicle or machine has travelled and when it was inspected and cleaned. This acts as Arrow's weed hygiene declaration.

All heavy and light vehicles carrying loads that could be contaminated with reproductive plant material (e.g. soil, sand or shipping containers) will be supported by a weed hygiene declaration.

What does clean mean?

Vehicles or machinery are considered clean when there is no material on the vehicle that may contain weed reproductive matter.


If a work site is in a high risk area, vehicles and machinery operating off formed roads will require an inspection before moving to a different area.

If the inspection deems the vehicle to be dirty, it will be cleaned down. Arrow uses both mobile and permanent clean-down equipment and facilities depending on the location and severity of risk.

Weed watch

Arrow has identified five high risk weed species commonly found in the Surat and Bowen basins.

1. Parthenium weed

High threat species, Parthenium weed

2. Weedy Sporobolus grasses

High threat species, Weedy Sporobolus grasses

3. African love grass

High threat species, African love grass

4. Harrisia cactus

High threat species, Harrisia cactus

5. Mother of millions

High threat species, Mother of millions

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