Bowen Gas Project

Arrow is an integrated coal seam gas (CSG) company, exploring and developing gas fields, producing and selling CSG, and generating electricity. Today, Arrow delivers almost 20 per cent of Queensland’s gas from five CSG fields in the Bowen and Surat basins. Arrow is working to meet the growing international demand for cleaner burning fuels through a gas supply for liquefied natural gas export proposal. Arrow is owned by a joint venture between Shell and PetroChina (50/50).

SWMS drill rig, Moranbah

The Bowen Gas Project

The proposed Bowen Gas Project (BGP) will see a phased expansion of Arrow's CSG production volumes.

The proposed project includes infrastructure for production, gathering and compression of natural gas, and for treating water that is produced from the CSG extraction process.

The BGP area is proposed to be developed in multiple phases: starting from Moranbah and extending north to Glenden, while south of Moranbah will be developed last.

ABP entered front-end engineering design (FEED) in late 2014 and was successfully completed by the end of 2015.

Wells and well pads

Arrow's proposed development plan involves multi-well pads, with up to six multi-lateral wells per pad.

Traditionally, vertical wells have been used in CSG developments whereby a single well is drilled vertically from the surface to target the coal seams. Arrow uses both vertical wells and multi-laterals.

A multi-lateral well has multiple branches running left and right off the main, deviated bore. This opens a greater surface area inside the coal seam, allowing gas to flow more easily and making each well much more productive.

This innovative design reduces Arrow's on-surface footprint by up to 50 per cent, due to fewer well pads and access tracks, and an increase in the average distance between well pads. There are also efficiency gains in land use, logistics and infrastructure.

Gathering pipelines

From each wellhead, gas and water will flow through buried low pressure gathering pipelines to a field compression facility (FCF).

Where possible, both gas and water gathering pipelines will use the same easement (right of way), to reduce the project footprint.

Field compression facilities

There will be several FCFs, each receiving gas from 100 -150 wells.

FCF compress the gas into a medium pressure pipeline to the central gas processing facility (CGPF). The FCF also pumps water from the gathering pipelines to a water treatment facility.

Four FCF are proposed for BGP phase one.

Central gas processing facility (CGPF)

Central gas processing facility, MoranbahThe CGPF will be centrally located to minimise pipeline lengths.

The CGPF will remove remaining traces of water from the gas, and compress the gas for transportation along the proposed high-pressure Arrow Bowen Pipeline to the proposed Gladstone Gas Hub north-west of Gladstone.

One CGPF is estimated for the BGP.

Water treatment facility

The water treatment facility and associated dams will be co-located with the CGPF.

The facility will treat coal seam water, with the treated water supplied to a third party for reuse rather than disposal. The brine that is left behind will be dried, and the dry salt removed to a regulated waste facility.


Arrow approaches its environmental responsibilities with a commitment to reduce environmental impacts, conserve and recycle resources, reduce waste and pollution, and improve processes to help protect the natural environment.

To guide its environmental activities, Arrow has developed an environmental impact statement (EIS) for the BGP, which establishes environmental and social controls for the project's entire life.

The Arrow Bowen Gas Project EIS Supplementary Report received State and Federal government approval in 2014, with conditions for Arrow to minimise impact to the environment in the project area.


Arrow is committed to protecting and promoting the social and environmental values of communities in which we live and work.

Since 2011, Arrow's Brighter Futures community investment program has supported health, education and environmental programs in the Bowen Basin through community funding, sponsorships and partnerships.

Arrow undertakes regular community engagement to keep communities informed about our existing and proposed CSG activities. Through community information sessions and a Community Information Centre in Moranbah, Arrow is listening to people to understand and address their questions and concerns.

Working with landholders

Arrow recognises every property is unique and works closely with each landholder to ensure our work practices take account of existing land and agricultural activities.

Interaction with each landholder is managed by their Arrow Land Liaison Officer (LLO), who is the primary point of contact between landholder and company.

All Arrow staff and contractors must obey Arrow's 12 Land Access Rules, with disciplinary action, dismissal or termination of contract resulting from rule breaches.

12 Land access rules

Moranbah Gas Project

The proposed Bowen Gas Project lies adjacent to the existing Moranbah Gas Project, a 50/50 joint venture between Arrow and AGL Energy which is operated by Arrow. It has been producing CSG for the domestic market since 2004.

This operation supplies gas to Moranbah and Townsville power stations as well as two mineral refining facilities in north Queensland and in Moranbah.

Arrow Bowen Pipeline

The proposed high-pressure Arrow Bowen Pipeline (ABP) will transport CSG from the Bowen Gas Project to a gas hub 22km north west of Gladstone.

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