About Arrow

Arrow Energy is an integrated coal seam gas (CSG) company that explores and develops gas fields, produces and sells CSG and generates electricity.

About Arrow Energy

Arrow has been safely and sustainably developing CSG since 2000 and supplying it commercially since 2004. With CSG exploration activities under way across Queensland, Arrow is now working to meet the growing demand for cleaner burning fuels.

Arrow is owned by a joint venture company between Shell and PetroChina (50/50).

Current operations

Arrow owns and operates Braemar 2, a 450MW gasfired power station 35km southwest of Dalby, and has interests in two others – Daandine Power Station (west of Dalby) and Townsville Power Station.

Panoramic view of Braemar 2 Power Station
Panoramic view of Braemar 2 Power Station

Arrow's five gas fields are in the Surat and Bowen basins:

Moranbah Gas Project

The Moranbah Gas Project is a 50/50 joint venture with AGL Energy in the Bowen Basin, 170km west of Mackay, and supplies gas to the Moranbah and Townsville power stations. Since 2004, the project has also supplied gas to two mineral refining facilities in north Queensland.

Tipton West

The Tipton West gas field, located 20km south of Dalby has been producing gas since September 2006. Tipton West supplies gas to the Braemar 1 and Braemar 2 power stations through separate gas sales contracts.

Kogan North

The Kogan North gas field is 40km west of Dalby and owned by a 50/50 joint venture between Arrow and Stanwell Corporation Ltd. The field has been producing gas since January 2006.

Daandine and Stratheden

The Daandine gas field is 40km west of Dalby and has been producing gas since September 2006. Arrow's Stratheden gas field, 20km north-west of Dalby, supplies gas to Braemar 2 Power Station.

Investing in communities through the Brighter Futures program

Commitment to the community

Arrow is committed to protecting and promoting the social and environmental values of the communities in which the company operates.

Since 2011, Arrow has invested more than $13 million in funding to community projects through its Brighter Futures community investment program. Every day, the company is speaking with landholders, community groups, local businesses and government authorities to discuss shared concerns and opportunities.

Arrow has community information centres in Dalby and Moranbah, where people can speak with staff about Arrow's activities.

Working with Arrow

Arrow has a high performance culture that embraces diversity and rewards hard work. You'll work alongside some of the best people in the industry - people who view challenges as opportunities to adapt and improve. You'll also be rewarded with competitive remuneration and benefits packages, development programs and corporate incentives.

Go further with your career by becoming part of the Arrow team.