Intensively Farmed Land Committee

A consultative forum about CSG development on intensively farmed land.

The Arrow Intensively Farmed Land Committee (AIFLC) is a consultative forum comprised of Arrow staff and landholders who represent different agricultural enterprises on intensively farmed land.

The Committee works collaboratively to identify and respond to issues, provide feedback and review opportunities for the coexistence of coal seam gas development on intensively farmed land.

Terms of reference (TOR) for the AIFLC are available to download. View a copy of the TOR (PDF, 30 KB).

Area Wide Planning

Through the Committee, the Area Wide Planning (AWP) program was developed. AWP is a unique program developed to incorporate landholders’ knowledge into its field development plans. More information is available here [link to new AWP page].

Simultaneous operations

Through the Committee, Arrow has developed a draft Construction and Operations simultaneous operations matrix (SIMOPS) to identify how Arrow can coexist with landholders throughout the construction and operations project phases. The draft SIMOPS will be tailored to individual property requirements, in collaboration with landholders.

Meeting Minutes