Rescue services

Arrow Energy is proud to support rescue services in the communities in which we operate.

Rescue Services - Careflight

Surat Gas Aeromedical Service (SGAS)

With an anticipated increase in coal seam gas activity within the Surat Basin, Arrow has joined forces with Origin Energy, Queensland Gas Company and Santos to fund the Surat Gas Aeromedical Service in the region.

The aeromedical service, which has been operational since April 2011, is provided by LifeFlight who are one of only two fully integrated aeromedical retrieval operations in the world. LifeFlight employs its own full time emergency doctors, paramedics and flight crews to perform approximately 3000 retrievals a year in Queensland alone.

This service is supported by a crew and helicopter based in Roma and a secondary crew and helicopter based in Toowoomba. This will allow Arrow employees, their families and all community members within the region to access prompt medical services.

To date Arrow has invested almost $3 million in the Surat Gas Aeromedical Service which has assisted in several community recovery efforts.

RACQ CQ Rescue

Arrow is proud to be a major sponsor of the Central Queensland Helicopter Rescue Service.

This service plays a vital role within a number of communities by providing timely medical assistance to those in need. The intention of this service is to lessen the prolonged effect of trauma that results from illness and injury, and to reduce the likelihood of permanent impairment.

With RACQ CQ Rescue staff on hand 24 hours a day, the helicopter attends to hundreds of tasks each year within a 300km radius of Mackay, although it is not restricted to this area. Importantly the service attends to the Bowen Basin area where Arrow has existing operations, which means Arrow staff and their families also benefit by being able to access the enhanced medical treatment service provided by the RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter.