Mayor Ray Brown (Western Downs Regional Council), Andrew Faulkner (Arrow), Koolhia (Centenary High School Student), Wayne Smith (ATQ Program Coordinator) and Jason Fiddes (Brisbane Broncos). Koolhia will transition from a school based apprenticeship on completion of year 12 in 2014 to a full time apprenticeship with G&T Painting in 2015.

A message from CEO Andrew Faulkner

2014 brought a new highlight in Arrow Energy's (Arrow) community investment – the launch of the Heart of Australia mobile cardiac and respiratory clinic.

This travelling service brings city-standard specialist medical care to regional Queensland, helping to improve the health of people who otherwise would have to travel vast distances to access similar services.

The Heart of Australia program is already saving lives and I'm proud that Arrow is the foundation partner for this service and helped to get it off the ground. Equally, I am proud of the men and women who keep the service on the road and helping people.

However, Heart of Australia is only one chapter of Arrow's 2014 Brighter Futures story.

We have renewed our partnership with the Brisbane Broncos. In the three years of our original partnership, we brought Broncos activities to communities in the Surat, ranging from Broncos Book Clubs at schools to fan days in Dalby. Our new agreement will see these activities extend to the Bowen Basin for the first time.

We sponsored a host of community-based projects, from road safety campaigns to providing safer playground equipment for kindergartens. In all, Brighter Futures supported 72 projects across Queensland in 2014, providing $3.9 million for initiatives to improve health and safety, education and the environment.

We extended our partnership with All Trades Queensland into the Western Downs, so 15 Indigenous year 11 and 12 students can pursue school-based apprenticeships and traineeships with local business.

Arrow was one of these local businesses. We provided one student with an agricultural traineeship at our research farm, Theten, near Dalby, where we demonstrate our ability to innovatively coexist with the agricultural industry. This school-based traineeship has now extended into a 12 month full-time agricultural traineeship for 2015.

Our partnership with the Condamine Alliance continued to deliver important environmental outcomes. Notable increases in native fish stock in the Condamine River, in some cases up to 600 per cent, is a terrific outcome that will benefit the area for generations.

And the list goes on.

In 2014, we were acknowledged as a world leader in this space by the global oil and gas industry. We were in the company of some of the world's oil and gas giants to pick up two international Petroleum Economist Awards. We have always understood the value of using our presence to build community resilience, but it is nice to have the value of this recognised by one's peers.

I'm proud that we have been able to work with so many groups and organisations, and to enable them to make a difference in their communities. 2014 has been another successful year for Arrow's Brighter Futures community investment program.

I hope you feel the same way when you read through this report and see for yourself the positive impact Arrow has been able to make across Queensland in 2014.

Andrew Faulkner

Chief Executive Officer, Arrow Energy

Our values


We lead by continually seeking ways to improve safety, delivery, cost, quality, and teamwork.


We think and act like owners taking personal responsibility for Arrow's business performance and conduct.


We view challenges not as barriers but as opportunities to improve through innovation and change.


We are seamless in our coordination between departments, groups and systems to drive continuous improvement.


We treat all people, inside and outside Arrow, with dignity and respect.

Who we are


We have five CSG fields in the Bowen and Surat basins, in central and southern Queensland respectively. We own and operate Braemar 2, a 450 megawatt (MW) gas-fired power station about 40km south west of Dalby, and have interests in two others – Daandine Power Station (west of Dalby) and Townsville Power Station. Our total power generation capacity is 600MW, enough to power 800,000 Queensland homes.

We supply gas to the Townsville, Moranbah, Swanbank, Daandine, Braemar 1 and Braemar 2 power stations, and industrial users in Townsville, Moranbah and Dalby.

We have substantial regional operations in Dalby and Moranbah, as well as our main office in Brisbane.

Aside from our domestic operations, we are working to meet the growing international demand for cleaner burning fuels.

Arrow's key projects include the planned Bowen Gas Project (BGP) which involves the staged expansion of Arrow's existing domestic CSG production in the Bowen Basin, extending from Glenden in the north to Blackwater in the south.

The BGP lies adjacent to the existing Moranbah Gas Project (MGP), a joint venture between Arrow and AGL Energy. The MGP is one of the largest CSG fields in Australia and has been producing CSG for the domestic market since 2004.

The planned Arrow Bowen Pipeline will supply gas from the Bowen Basin (Central Queensland) to liquefaction facilities at Gladstone (Central Queensland coast). The planned pipeline, up to 500km, is a key piece of infrastructure in Arrow's plans to bring gas from the Bowen Basin to market.

Development options for Arrow's Surat Basin gas reserves, in southern Queensland near Dalby, are also being progressed. The proposed Surat Gas Project (SGP) will provide gas for both domestic and export markets. It covers an area from Wandoan to Dalby, and down to the south-west of Millmerran. The proposed Arrow Surat Pipeline (ASP) is a buried high-pressure steel pipeline to transport coal seam gas from the Surat Basin to a gas hub 22km west of Gladstone, where it will join the proposed Arrow Bowen Pipeline.Arrow is a standalone company owned by a joint venture between Shell and PetroChina (50/50).

Our community approach

Leah Fay (Arrow) and Kathleen Cush (Isaac Regional Council) discuss the criteria for the Digital Doorways Library partnership, which will be launched in 2015.

We are committed to working with communities to minimise our impacts, to address their concerns and to contribute to their sustainability and strength.

Community engagement is fundamental to our business and is embodied in our company values. It has built positive relationships with the communities in our operational footprint.

Our community engagement activities include:

  • community reference committees
  • regular meetings with government, business leaders, community organisations and traditional owners
  • regional community information centres
  • a freecall 1800 number
  • our Brighter Futures community investment program.

Through Brighter Futures, we work with governments, community organisations and local not-for-profit groups to strengthen communities. Our programs, driven by community needs and priorities, focus on health and safety, education and the environment. Our community investment is delivered in three ways: community funding grants, sponsorships and partnerships. This approach helps us support diverse initiatives that are tailored to individual community needs.We believe our company's presence in a region should benefit that region, both economically and socially, because we understand that our long-term success is closely linked to the social wellbeing of the communities where we operate.

Dean Campbell (Arrow), Chris Macfarlan (MDSS), Kimberly Lehto-Head (MDSS) and Paul Cliffe (Arrow) at the community herb garden.

The Moranbah Lions Park community herb garden

Arrow has worked with Moranbah and District Support Services (MDSS) for several years to support programs that address community needs and priorities. The Moranbah community herb garden project is one example of Arrow employees volunteering their time to support local organisations.

Our Achievements

Founder of Australia’s first mobile cardiac clinic, Heart of Australia founder, Dr Rolf Gomes with Minister for Industry and Science, Hon Ian Macfarlane MP and Arrow LNG Project Director, Mike Grieve at the Heart of Australia launch in Toowoomba.

In 2014, we partnered with 72 community organisations to deliver long-term community benefits. Key 2014 achievements include:

  • 22 partnerships, 11 sponsorships and 39 community funding grants were delivered across Queensland
  • 182 rescues through the Surat Basin Gas Industry Aeromedical Retrieval Service, a Queensland CSG industry-funded service
  • launching the Heart of Australia partnership, an Australian-first mobile cardiac and respiratory service which saw 600 patients across the Surat Basin in its first three months of operation
Ashley and Michael at the Arrow, All Trades Queensland, Brisbane Broncos Partnership launch in Dalby.

Our support of Indigenous communities continued through programs that support employment, education, training and business opportunities. Key 2014 achievements include:

  • receiving international accolades for our Whanu Binal Program that builds the capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and individuals to gain work on major projects – almost 40 took part in the 2014 program
  • extending a partnership with All Trades Queensland and the Brisbane Broncos so it provides 15 traineeships and apprenticeships for year 11 and 12 students from the Western Downs region
  • 76 year 12 students graduated from the Arrow-sponsored QATSIF scholarships, which enables Indigenous students to complete year 12 by providing financial assistance towards educational related expenses.

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