Dysart Girl Guides
The Dysart Girl Guides Sand Art project teaches students about business principles of generating cash flow to sustain the not-for-profit organisation that teaches life, decision making and leadership skills.

We have been safely and sustainably developing CSG from the Bowen Basin since 2000 and supplying it commercially since 2004. Our gas goes to the Townsville Power Station and other industrial users in the Townsville and Moranbah regions.

The Moranbah Gas Project is one of Australia's largest operating CSG projects and is jointly owned by Arrow and AGL, but operated by Arrow.

During the second half of 2014, we received Queensland Government approval of the environmental impact statement (EIS) for our planned Bowen Gas Project, and Australian Government approval of the EIS for the Arrow Bowen Pipeline. Both projects have moved into the front end engineering design (FEED) phase, a key milestone for developing our Bowen Basin gas reserves.

Project-specific community information sessions were held for suppliers in Mackay, Moranbah and Emerald, where suppliers were able to speak with Arrow staff about suppling goods and services to Arrow and the CSG industry.

Brighter Futures investment by focus area

Our Moranbah Community Information Centre provides information about Arrow and the CSG industry and hosts visits by community groups, local businesses, school groups and members of the public.

Through the Brighter Futures program, Arrow partnered with 18 Bowen Basin organisations. Some of the projects included:

  • Young Entrepreneurs at Moranbah East State School
  • Dysart Girl Guides Sand Art
  • Middlemount Rodeo
  • High School Awards nights
  • A visit to Moranbah by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, nationally-recognised Child Psychologist.

Brighter Futures investment by type

Students graduate with a brighter future

Year 11 and 12 students at Moranbah State High School are graduating with real world experience through Arrow's partnership with the school and its M-STEP vocational education program.Students studying towards a Certificate III in Education gain valuable hands-on experience working in the Bright Kids

after school care program, while those studying Certificate III in Business assist through the administration, marketing and management of the program.

The Arrow partnership delivers valuable after school care to families in the region while also providing students with vocational education  training.

The M-STEP program seeks partnerships across a range of industries to ensure students are best placed to secure work, an apprenticeship or further study after graduating.

"A strong school in Moranbah is important to everybody and one of our key focuses is looking at pathways for our students."

Moranbah State High School Deputy Principal, Felicity Roberts

M-STEP education student Brittney helps Caitlyn with her homework.

Bright Kids help Moranbah families

Moranbah families have even more reason to smile with the Arrow Bright Kids program bursting at the seams delivering after school care to 45 children from the community.

The partnership between Arrow, Moranbah State High School and Simply Sunshine Day Care was established in 2013 and was designed to meet the severe shortage of after school care in the Moranbah community.

Students in years 11 and 12 studying towards a Certificate in Business or Education assist in the delivery of the program under the supervision of a full-time child care coordinator.

The program was a finalist in the 2014 Department of Education Showcase Awards for excellence in industry or community partnerships.

"It's just a great practical example of what can work between industry, schools and the community."

Moranbah State High School Principal, Scott Whybird

bright kids
Bright Kids Seth, Dana, Aldria and Jamie play outside with a cow they creatively painted at the after school care facility.

Rescue helicopter provides around the clock care to Central Queensland

Arrow continued to be a major sponsor of the RACQ Central Queensland Helicopter Rescue Service (CQ Rescue). The service provides vital aeromedical services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to the communities between Townsville and Rockhampton including the Bowen Basin and Whitsunday regions.

The service has been operating since 1996 and provides rapid medical assistance and a search and rescue capability to the region. Since operations commenced, CQ Rescue has carried out more than 6,000 missions. Almost 50 per cent of CQ Rescue's missions are within the Bowen Basin region.

CQ Rescue aims to reduce the loss of life, the likelihood of permanent neurological or physical impairment and the number of days patients may need to spend in hospital through the timely provision of aeromedical support.

"With over 500 missions carried out by RACQ CQ Rescue so far this year, Arrow's commitment to this region's helicopter rescue service is helping to save lives within the community where they operate and their employees reside."

RACQ CQ Rescue Relationship Manager, Leonie Hansen

The annual Moranbah Hornery 4U2 Family Concert raises funds for CQ Rescue.

Bowen drivers turn on lights and live

Road safety remained a strong focus across the Bowen Basin in 2014 as the Road Accident Action Group (RAAG) facilitated the Lights on and Live campaign supported through our Brighter Futures program for a second year.

The two-month campaign encouraged Peak Downs Highway road users to drive with their lights on during the day to improve visibility and reduce road crash trauma.

The survey was conducted on a sunny afternoon on the Peak Downs Highway, figures were recorded between 2.30pm and 3.30pm for eastbound traffic and between 3.30pm and 4.30pm for westbound traffic.

In 2013, 1,193 people died in motor vehicle accidents on Australian roads and many more were seriously injured so it is promising that drivers are listening to road safety messages and demonstrating safe driving behaviours.

"It was a remarkable increase from the 32 per cent recorded in 2013 and motorists should be congratulated for taking on board the advice provided by the Arrow funded campaign."

RAAG Safety Coordinator,  Graeme Ransley

Vehicles travelling on the Peak Downs Highway with lights on during the day demonstrate that drivers are listening to safety messages.

Student success on the air

Moranbah students have been broadcasting their talents on air as part of a community radio initiative. Project Y is a collaborative partnership between Moranbah Community Radio Station 4RFM, the local community and Arrow. The program was initially developed as an alternative learning pathway to support students who were at risk of disengaging from their schooling, or required extra support.

The program allows years 8 and 9 students to develop skills like public speaking, interpersonal skills and communication skills. It provides students with work experience and all students who successfully complete the program are encouraged to volunteer at the station in their own time.

An extension program is offered to students who demonstrated high levels of enthusiasm, commitment and ability throughout the term of their initial program. It provides them with the opportunity to explore their newly learned skills and develop further skills in outdoor broadcasting, live show presenting, show programming and editing.

Following the success of the 2013 program, the 2014 Project Y program was expanded to all year 8 and 9 students.

"Project Y was an awesome experience for me. It has given me some preparation for my dream job of becoming a journalist. Thanks to everyone at 4RFM and Project Y, I had an amazing time."

Moranbah State High School Student, Claire Coutts

Project Y student, Abby participated in the extension program and in 2015 plans to volunteer at the station after school.

Historic photos build local connections

Oliver and Louie enjoy the Dysart 40-year town celebrations. The 40-year photobook was launched at the event.

The Dysart 40-year commemorative photobook was a collaborative partnership between the Dysart Community Support Group (DCSG), Isaac Regional Council and Arrow. The initiative was designed to enhance Dysart's social cohesion, while also capturing photos which celebrate the town's 40-year history.

The photobook allowed original residents to reflect on the past, as well as educating and engaging newer community members with Dysart's history. The partnership allowed the DCSG to create a community resource which captures the unique and diverse nature of the town and the events which have shaped the community's identity. Sharing stories encourages conversations which promotes a stronger connection within the local community.

"The photobook, supported by Arrow's Brighter Futures program, has allowed us to create a unique community resource and capture the events which have shaped our identity. Sharing stories encourages conversations and promotes a stronger connection within the local community."

Dysart Community Support Group Community Development Officer, Richelle Toshack

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