The new C&K Kin Kora friendship garden has been designed to expand the children’s development and stimulate their senses and social skills in a safe environment.

We continue to be a proud member of the Gladstone community and actively support sustainable community development projects.

Our Gladstone Community Information Centre remains a focal point for the community to access information about Arrow and the CSG industry.

Brighter Futures investment by focus area              

Supported by our Brighter Futures program, seven local community groups and not-for-profit organisations worked with us on grass roots programs addressing community needs and priorities. These programs included the supply of first aid equipment and staff training for Calliope Junior Rugby League Club and Tannum Sands Surf Life Saving Club, C&K Kin Kora's Friendship Garden and the Curtis Coast Literary Carnival.

 Brighter Futures by investment type

Local clubs to the rescue

Local clubs are better equipped to respond to the community's first aid needs. Calliope Junior Rugby League Club (CJRLC) and Tannum Sands Surf Life Saving Club (TSSLSC) have enhanced their safety capabilities with up-to-date first aid equipment and staff training.

Tannum Sands' coastal safety relies on 113 active patrol members at the TSSLSC who completed more than 3,500 hours of volunteer patrols last season. The club's new equipment will be used to upskill members as well as provide community CPR and first aid training. On the field, the 5,000 people who play and spectate at Calliope Junior Rugby League Club can expect better care with an increased number of volunteers trained in first aid and more first aid kits.

"Our manikins were quite outdated and the funding provided through Arrow's Brighter Futures community fund enables our members to learn resuscitation skills on that latest equipment. The club is very appreciative of the opportunity we have been provided and it was a great way to start the season with new equipment."

Tannum Sands Surf Life Saving Club Deputy President, Gail Williams

TSSLSC members learn resuscitation skills on the newly purchased manikins.

Curtis Coast shows a love for literature

In July 2014, the Curtis Coast Literary Carnivale was held for the sixth time in the Gladstone region thanks to the help of sponsors like Gladstone Regional Council, Central Queensland University and Arrow.

The Carnivale's profile continues to grow each year with 4,000 people attending this year and a further 3,000 visiting the Gladstone art gallery for the illustrators' exhibition.

Aimed to promote literacy and a love of literature to the Curtis Coast community, the four-day carnival hosts a diverse group of renowned authors and illustrators from across Australia.

Carnivale goers heard inspirational talks from the authors and illustrators and had the opportunity to participate in writing and illustrating workshops to hone their skills.

Organisers hope the Carnivale will continue to grow in the years to come.

"Every year I walk away exhausted but exhilarated knowing that students from around our region have been inspired by yet another group of talented authors and illustrators."

Tannum Sands State School Teacher Librarian, Christine McMaster

Tannum Sands State School students, Naria, Monique, Zahlea, Ruby, Katelyn, Lana and Jessica have found a new love of literature after participating in the annual literary carnivale.

Gladstone kindergartens take safer steps

Safety is our number one priority, so it was an easy decision to support the Tannum Sands Kindergarten in making their playground safer for kids.

Through a Brighter Futures grant, the kindergarten was able to purchase safety padding to wrap around posts and other hard equipment in the playground. With safety padding now installed, the kids are free to be active and play in a safe environment that protects them against potential injury.

Kids at the C&K Kin Kora kindergarten also received a funding boost from our Brighter Futures program this year with a safe and colourful friendship garden.

The new garden has been designed to expand the children's development and stimulate their senses and social skills in a safe environment.

"The response from the children has been extremely positive with social skills and kindness being shown every day in the interactions which are taking place in the playground."

Tannum Sands Kindergarten Co-Director, Naomi Harris

C&K Kin Kora Kindergarten children enjoy sharing the chalkboard in their colourful friendship garden.

School students book date with university

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in years 9 and 10 from the Gladstone, Brisbane and Moreton Bay regions attended a four-day residential university experience in Brisbane in April.

The students, none of whom had seriously considered tertiary education, were given a taste of university life through the Go Further QUT Camp, organised by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Arrow.

They visited QUT campuses, participated in outdoor adventure activities, cultural sessions by Traditional Owners and an NRL match between the Arrow-sponsored Brisbane Broncos and South Sydney Rabbitohs at Suncorp Stadium.

Students participated in a variety of activities on campus and received additional information from current students to assist them in making decisions about their post-school options.

"This year's camp participants were fully engaged with all on-campus activities and inspired to continue with their high school education. Opportunities to visit and experience university life would not be possible without the support provided by Arrow."

QUT Director – Oodgeroo Unit, Professor Anita Lee Hong

Students Tiffany (Tannum Sands State High School) and Jaleel (Toolooa State High School) get a taste of university life through the Go Further QUT camp.