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Arrow Bowen Pipeline

The Arrow Bowen Pipeline will connect activities in the Bowen Basin with the export facility off Gladstone.

Arrow's planned LNG Project will involve extracting and transporting CSG from sites in Queensland to Curtis Island, off Gladstone. There the gas will be cooled to -161°C to form LNG and prepared for shipping internationally.

The Arrow Bowen Pipeline will transport CSG more than 500km from the Bowen Basin in central Queensland to Curtis Island. The steel pipeline will be buried at a minimum depth of 750mm in a 30m easement.

Arrow lodged the draft EIS for the Arrow Bowen Pipeline in December 2011. This was approved by the State Government for public release in March 2012. A Supplementary Report to the EIS (SREIS) was submitted to the government in December 2012 to reflect emerging policy, environmental impacts and community feedback.

The Arrow Bowen Pipeline was approved by Queensland Government in March 2013 and is currently being assessed by the Federal Government.

View the Arrow Bowen Pipeline EIS.

The construction of the Arrow Bowen Pipeline is separate to Arrow's exploration activities in the Bowen Basin.

Page last updated: 28 March 2014